Canaan in Myanmar Flooded

Land of Canaan not Israel (Kanan as known by locals) but in Myanmar Flooded. Recue efforts from neighbouring states of Manipur and Mizoram yet to take off. 

Map of Myanmar

A small Township called “Kanan” about 1300 houses have been severely affected by the recent flood in Kabaw Valley. Due to heavy down pour and poor drainage system the current flood have dislocated thousands stranded and are at risk of famine and outbreak of epidemic.

The Christian belt of Myanmar are fervently praying but still praising Holy Ghost.

Canaan of Myanmar Flooded

Unless air dropping of food and medicines are taken up immediately the consequence will set-beck the thriving Rice-bowl of Western Myanmar and will hinder growth severely.

The flood damamged thousands of houses Schools and Churches. Due to the poor infratructutres, the mojority Christian population of Chin state is at risk of famine. Most of the infrastructures were submerged under flood built by the locals in this backward belt of Myanmar. The rescue workers effort needs proffesional help and the recovery and reconstruction will take long way involving huge investment from International Funding Agencies.

The International Aid Agencies should focus now on immediate relief like air dropping of foodstuffs and temporary shelter for the flood displaced people.

save myanmar

There will not be harvesting from the paddy field, as the inundated floodwater will damage all the crops. Due to siltation of paddy field next year yield also will be minimised.

According to latest reoport there are more than thirty people died and the death toll is rising and more people are reported missing. Many other Townships are also facing either flood or major landslides cutting off land, river, and air transportation.

Canaan Area


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