Eco-Tourism Package One – Destination Tamdil Lake Circuit

Day One Arrival day, Cultural evening and sing song.

Day Two After breakfast proceed to man made lake Tam-dil 3hrs drive from Aizawl(75Kms). On the way you will experience typical Mizoram roads – up down zig zag drive and lots of wild and mild scenery full of rain-cuts. At Keifang road side restaurant take Mizo fast food – avoid hot and highly pungent bird-eye chillies unless you have metalic digestive system. Donot forget to buy fresh fruits from nearby street vendor. After another half hour drive you will be there at Tam Dil resort (15Kms). Explore the beauty if lucky you may spot rare bird species. Collect rafting gear for the next day.

Day Three After breakfast and half hour drive down you will be dropped at Tuivawl river (20Kms). Leave all your belongings to the SUV dicky, the vehicle will go to fetch you downstream which is 80Km long and bumpy drive through paved and unpaved rough (dirt) road from Suangpuilawn Kai. After bamboo rafting for 2 hrs break for refreshment and view bamboo rain forest both sides of the river. Avoid grabbing drift woods. Another 2 hr rafting you will take Mizo lunch – wrapped in wild banana leaf, different soups in bamboo mugs on the river bank. Volunteer in Mizo attire with their shy-smile will offer you water in Tuithawl. Board the SUV drive up to 6000ft above MSL Chalfilh hill top Resort. Donot miss taking sunset lit Mawmrang hill range and with a good zoom you may be able to capture Lengteng famous peak, haven for wildlife near Ngopa village. By night you will see twinkling spotted lights – these are villages scattered all over and the big one on the west will be Aizawl city.

Day Four OPTION Adventure : Get your trekking gear, insect repelant, camera and go trek for 8 hrs thick rain forest exploration. Once you are in there is no chance of going back. You will be amazed. From the foot hill drive to Sesawng (30Kms) for night halt.

Day Four OPTION Mountain Biking : Get your bike and gear from the SUV and head to nearest village called Buhban through thick forest. Mountain Bike down to Khawruhlian (15Kms) and rest to take Mizo lunch. Continue to bike down to Tuirini Kai (20Kms), where this river merges with Tuirial to flow down to Bay of Bengal. After this your biking effort will be more tiring as you have to go up up and up until you reach night halt place at Sesawng (10Kms).

Day Five/Six After rest and visit of Zawlbuk head back to Aizawl(45Kms) to stress relief at massage parlor. Explore local restaurant for dinner to rejoin farewell show. You will be escorted back to Lengpui airport.


16 thoughts on “Eco-Tourism Package One – Destination Tamdil Lake Circuit

  1. Tel ve a chakawm khawp mai. Tamdil ah khian picnic in kan kal ve tawh a, a nuam khawp mai. Kal leh pawh a chakawm.

    Sava thlalak i rawn dah tel khi eng va nge? Hmuh tur a vang viau lo maw?

    • Sava pem chi pakhat kan thianpa in thlalak tuma a veh zek a lak tak, min pek anih khi- varul kan ti a snake-bird an ti, Mizoram chhim lama lokal em ni le ? nge chu aia hla zawk. An chanchin lo zir belh teh hei link

  2. Mawi lutuk! Tamdil hi ka la kal miah lo, hmanah kan school picnic tamdil ah a awm a ka damlo amawni ka kal ta lo. Zan riah chi em? Riahna/in amaw awm em le zan riak duh tan nge lehlan chi chauh… Ka thiante thenkhat rawn zin an la duh ve don, tihchi phian ang Tamdil vel hi..

  3. tamdil hi vawi khat ka kal ve toh a,nuam ka ti khop mai,ka khamlo khop mai, thianza ho a ni2 or 3 vel hmanga kal leh hi ka chak.

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