Hmuifang Trail Eco-Tourism

Hmuifang hill is about 5000ft high above mean sea level. The hill range runs north to south and most of the western side is almost vertical and could be quite challenging for adventure tourists for Rock climbing.

One can reach Aizawl by daily flight from Kolkata/Guwahati and take three hours drive from Aizawl airport to Hmuifang Resort. One can either stay in the cottages or make shift tent available for hire.

Activity’s suggested:
1. Mountain Biking: Rent Bike from the Tourist Resort and follow any of the following Trails
a) Trail One:Biking to the hill top and Hmuifang/Chawilung /Sumsuih/Thiak village for amateurr
b) Trail Baktawng 6 hours biking required and on the way visit Mr Zion’s families who is having more than 50 wives

World's biggest family

World’s biggest family

c) Trail Sialsuk : 8 hours Biking. First stop @ Sialsuk town and goto Ngei-ngei-tlang Romantic Spot and further down to River Changte and halt for lunch. Biking up and up to Damdiai and back to Hmuifang Resort.

d) Trail Lungleng 8 hours Bike to Lungleng village on way back to Aizawl

2. Walking Trail : Walk to nearby village and share experiences with shy villagers, if lucky the YMA can show you cultural dances. Nearby villages are –

    • Hmuifang  one km

  • Sumsuih two km
  • Chawilung five km
  • Thiak six km
  • Maubuang 10 km
  • Sateek 20 km
  • Baktawng 30 km
  • Sialsuk 35 km

3. Bio-diversity trekking : One can explore flora and fauna and rare tropical insects and animals. This rare Redneck Keelback a non-venomous snake

can also be found around the Resort. For expert rare amphibians and lizards can also be seen. One has to be ready to to trek down to River Changte or small stream in the eastern valleys to have deeper exploration.

4. Home Stay : If you are anytarian you can join the villagers as guest but be ready to join their food habits. Could be interesting for those having strong palette

5. Volunteering : You can join “Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Network (BIOCONE)”  an upcoming NGO based in Aizawl, involved in  environmental protection and maintenance of Clean Mizoram.


33 thoughts on “Hmuifang Trail Eco-Tourism

  1. Suggestion for the Trekking route seems much better and exciting than the one we are now using for the YHAI National Trekking & Caving Expeditions…that is…from Luangmual to Vaipuanpho, Ailawng, Reiek, Hawlhhah, Nghalchawm ,Sihhmui to Luangmual Base camp.Are there any Caves in the route mentioned??Kindly post details

  2. Another thing is…the road for the Trekking should not be mettalled…For Biking it maybe good but these tourists seems to prefer to see the natural beauty,its geographic settings,its topography,its varied flora and fauna avian life etc etc…for they will be coming mainly for outdoor recreational activties…tui,inthiarna leh eitur leh Base camp tur te a harsa ngem le????????

  3. with people realising that eco-tourism and our ethnicity are the only things we can sell in the tourism market, protection & preservation of natural-ity is taking the front seat in the face of an aggressive commercial need to’develop’. The challenge is on

    • Belated though its like torn between two lovers – one to get more tourist visit our place to create employment the other protect your site and donot welcome tourist. We got to keep the balance.

  4. an boss ber khi ht-a mi le, rul leh utrawk research bei mizoram university zoology dept a thok, kan classmate thi ania pachhungah

  5. Nia, Hmuifang hi a nuam khawp mai. Kross awmna khi Dodala Lung Tlang ania,tourist lodge awmna khi Lal Lianvunga Khaw hmun hlui ani. Hmuifang Tlang tak hi chu Midum Kham chung ami khi ani zawka, mimal ta niin botanical Garden leh Eco-tourism lam atan a ruahman ani. thil nung ( flora leh fauna )hrang In-situ leh Ex-Situ preserve na atan a tih ani.

  6. last pic hi khawilai takah nge a awm? Xmas hma kan va kal khan Hmuifang resort an lo khar tlat tawh pek a, Thenzawl ah ka riak ta ni. Hmuifang bul vel hi ke a vak kual a chakawm khawp mai. Ka la kal fo dawn in ka hria.

  7. Route tar lan bakah hian Trek na’na nuam tak2 ala tam thei ang.Yhai trekking route luangmual-nghalchawm hi chu highway deuh vek a nia a fuh zan lo. Mawmrang khi Pawlrang atang aiin Luangpawn atang a nuam zawk bawk awm e. Nature beauty xplore theihna trekking route tha tak2 tur hman tagkai loh va tam em.

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