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2. Thlen Chin Atanga Hmasawn – Rev Vanlalbela
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11. Gay Marriage leh Billy Graham
Thalaite Khawvel
Education Reforms
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16. Heihi Kan Ram – II
Heihi Kan Ram – I
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34. Mizote Inthlah Pung Ang
35. Ngaihtuah Peih Te Tan – 2
36. Biotechnology Zir Tumte Tan
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38. Aw Min Hrilh Rawh
39. Ebenezer – Besy Choir
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48. Class of 99
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51. Singpore Training Hlimthla
52. Vietnam Fan Diary
53. Lengpui Airport
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56. G-20 Summit 2010
57. I Told You So – Carrie Underwood
58. Mau Rua Leh Hruihnang (Bamboo & Ratan)
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60. Hmeichhia Nge Minu
61. Raltiang Kai Nan
62.Radio Kan Hlut Lai
63. Earthquake In Mizoram
64.Zoawi Lelte Fans
65. Kum 2011
66.Ngopa Hawrunpui
67. Thola Ding Ta Che
68.Sawrkar Tha Neih Dan
69.Highway to China
70. Zosap Missionary Fak Zui Hlawhlo
Chawlni Ka Hmang Hlawk
It Is Well Translation
73. Tripura Engineering College kum 50-na
74. Khawngaih Chhandam
75. I TA KA NI – C. Lalzarmawia
76. Tlangmi Unaute Tan
77. Zofa Unau Nan
78. Rev William Williams
79. Yoga leh Tai Chi
80. 38 In LOVE
81. Tunge Zawhte Thi Awrh Tir Ang
81. SA HEH
Email Ka Dawn
83. Change By K.Sapdanga
84. About Mzvision

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Kristian Hlabu 259 ah hemi hla translate nilo phuahchawp dah a ni. A thluk chiah a inmil, a thu inmil a awmlo. Mahse hemi hla original It is well hi i zirho teh ang. Vawiin chu, ‘a pawi lo’ tih hla lo pianchhuah dan lam I han hrut dawn teh ang hmiang.

He hla phuahtu Horatio G.Spafford hi kum 1828 October ni 20 khan, New York a North Troy hmunah a lo piang a. Naupangte niin Dan lam thiam ani a, a hlawhtlingin sum leh pai lamah pawh a hmuingil fu a ni. Kristian tha tak ni bawkin, Sakhaw thilah pawh a inhmang fu mai bawk a, DL Moody-a rawngbawlna pawh a puibawm fo a ni.

Chicago a kan vak hma lawk khan, Spafford-a hian Michigan Dil kama Real estate-ah a sum leh pai peipun tumin Risk alo la(Chiahpuam a tum) a. Chung a sum dah zawng zawng chu, Chicago a kan vak tum khan, a kang ral vek a ni. A nupui leh a fanu 4 te chu, an rilru hahdam nan leh DL.Moody-a rawngbawlna puibawm ni pah fawm turin England-ah an chhungkuaa kal an tum ta a. An kal dawn tepah, rokhawlhna avangin Chicago-a a cham hnufual a ngai a, a nupui leh a fanu 4 te erawhchu, lo han kal hmasa turin a tir ta tho a, S.S. Ville du Havre Lawngin kum
1873 November thla khan England lam chu an pan ta a ni.

Nimahsela, November ni 22 ah chuan thu lungchhiat thlak tak mai an hre ta a. S.S. Ville du Havre Lawng chu British Lawnglian ‘Lochearn’ an tih nen an insu hlauh mai a, minute 12 chhung lekin a pil ta a. Ni engemawzat hnuah, a damchhuak chhun te chuan Wales rama Cardiff Lawngchawlhna an thlen chuan, a nupui chuan thirhrui a rawn thawn ta a, “keimah chauh ka him” tih thu thin thawng tak mai chu a pasal Spafford-a chuan a dawng ta a ni.

Chu thirhrui a dawn veleh chuan, Spafford-a chuan Lawng bawkin a nupui hnen lam chu a pan ve ta a, a fate ho boralna hmun lai vel an paltlang laiin, he hla hi thinlung leh tihtak zetin a a ziak ta mawlh mawlh mai a ni.
He hla hi Mizotawnga lehlin ani tawh a, a ngial angan lo deuhin an letling niin a lang a. Hla ang nilovin, a phuahtuin sawi a tum nia ka hriat dan ka han thai lang ve mai mai ang e:-

1. Thlamuanna leh hlimna te chu lui anga ka kawnga an luan dam duai lai ngei chuan, Tuifinriat tuifawn hlauhawm tak angin Lungngaihnain min rawn chim buan buan ta mai si a. Nimahsela, nang chuan, “Ka thlarau tan, A pawi lo e” ti zel thei turin min lo zirtir tawh si a.

2. Setana kutthak hnawihna ka ni emaw, fiahna leh harsatna khirhkhan tak tak pawh tawk thin mah ila, kei michaklo tak min chhandam nan hian, Pathian fapa Isua Krista thisen hlu tak chu leihbuakin a awm tawh a ni tih hriatchianna hlu ber mai hian ka nun a thunun tlat chuan, “Ka thlarau tan a pawi lo ve.

3. ‘Ka Sualna’, Ka sualna zawng zawngte hi, a then a zar chauh nilovin, a vaiin, a zavai takmeuhin, Krawsah khan alo khengbet tawh ani tih ngaihtuahna hian min va han ti lawmin, min va han ti thlamuang thin tak em. Chuvangin, Aw ka nunna Lalpa chu fak rawh.

4. Tichuan, Lalpa ngei chuan, amah ka rin tlatna chu ala rawn tilang fiah ang a, Van chhumte khi pher angin ala zial bo hunah, Vantirhkoh chungnungber Tawtawrawt ri nena hnehna hla puan chhuaha a awm hunah ngei chuan, Ka Lalpa duhtak ngei chu lo chhukin a hmel chu ka la hmu dawn si a. Chuvangin, engpawh tawk mah ila, “Ka thlarau tan chuan a pawi lo, a tha vek e”.

Hetiang ang vanduaina rapthlakin an chhungkuaa ro a rel lai pawha, chu a vanduaina lam dah lian tlat lova, Pathianin a awmpuina leh, a tana alo tuar sakna lam; chumi avanga nakina beiseina nung avanga ala chan tur ropui tak lam thlir tlat chunga, “Ka thlarau tan a pawi lova, a tha vel vek e” a ti thei tlat mai hi a ropui em em mai a, Kristian ringtu dik takte tan, chona leh entawn tur ropui tak min hnutchhiah a ni.

English Lyrics
When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.
It is well, with my soul,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.
Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come,
Let this blest assurance control,
That Christ has regarded my helpless estate,
And hath shed His own blood for my soul.
My sin, oh, the bliss of this glorious thought!
My sin, not in part but the whole,
Is nailed to the cross, and I bear it no more,
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul!
For me, be it Christ, be it Christ hence to live:
If Jordan above me shall roll,
No pang shall be mine, for in death as in life
Thou wilt whisper Thy peace to my soul.
But, Lord, ’tis for Thee, for Thy coming we wait,
The sky, not the grave, is our goal;
Oh, trump of the angel! Oh, voice of the Lord!
Blessed hope, blessed rest of my soul!
And Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight,
The clouds be rolled back as a scroll;
The trump shall resound, and the Lord shall descend,
Even so, it is well with my soul.

Mizo Lyrics New Translation
He hla hi Pu Lalchuangliana, Delhi a awm hmang hian Lalpa’n Mizo tawnga lehlin a rawn pe a….

1. Ka nun kawng muanna in a tuam vel lai leh,
Lungngaih tuipui fawn karah pawh;
Chantawk khuarel zawng eng ang pawh lo ni se,
Ka thla damna min zirtir tawh si.

Hah a dam! Lung a awi!
Ka thla nun nuamin a leng tawh si.

2. Setan doral lian chu lo hrang thin mah se,
He muanna thuruk hian min vawng;
Lal Isuan ka chauh leh pachhiat min hriatpui,
Ka nun nan a thisen hlu a luang.

3. Ka sual man a tlak zo ka zalen ta e,
Ka fak ang kross hnehna ropui;
A pumin a khengbet ka phur leh tawh lo’ng,
Aw ka thla, i Lalpa chu fak mai rawh.

4. Jordan tuipui fawnin min chim vel mah se,
Ka nun Krista a ni tawh si.
Ka rilru a muang, thih leh dam karah pawh,
I thlamuanna aw maiin min hnem.

5. I lokal hun thlirin Lalpa kan nghak che,
Thihna hneha kan zai hun tur;
Vantirhkoh au thawm leh ka Lalpa aw mawi,
Ka nghahfak ka thla chawlh hlenna tur.

6. Lalpa rinna lawmman ka hmuh hun tur chu,
Lungngaih chhum pui zing kian hun tur;
Tawtawrawt ri nen Lalpa a lo lang dawn,
Chutah ka thla a chawl hlen tawh ang.

He hla sak mawi tak tak



Hemi thu hmanga Joel Osteen Sermon

Joel Osteen Sermon Brief

“We all face difficult seasons in life. How you respond in the difficult times will determine whether or not you make it into the fullness of your destiny. Let Joel teach you the tools to stay in faith during seasons of loss, disappointment and unfair situations. By staying in faith and speaking out in faith over those difficult times, you will stay in a position of power and peace. Discover how men and women in the Bible faced trials just like you, and their faith in God brought them to their promise land. As you have the attitude of “all is well,” you are showing God that you trust Him. That’s what allows Him to give you beauty for ashes and take what was meant for harm and use it to your advantage.”

Main Source:

Ka Vision Tlawng leh Eco-Tourism

Bairabi ah Tlawng kan khuap law law mai em niang? Bairabi bul khuapin Nghalchawm kai li nen inzawm tir ila Watergate kan siam anga, Sairang chhak chiah ah chu gate chu kan khar anga, Lui hnar lama chho tur Lawng (steamer) kha kan khar hnan ang. Nghalchawm-kai tui gate kan hawng thung ang an level minute 10 hnuah a inang anga lawng kha upstream ah kan hnuk (tow) chho anga chutah watergate pui a thlang ami kan hawng leh ang. Hetia an buaipui lai hian lawng hnathawk leh passenger te Nghalchawm ram lampangah KFC/McDonald etc etc Fast Food dawrah an lo inhnawh puar mawlh mawlh anga, a then an lo in shower bawk ang.

Mak ve deuh chu Tlawng fintu Tut hi Mamit/Phaileng panna kawng a kan kan hnu hian Tlawng hi Hortoki thlang lawkah Tut hian a fin. A infinna ah hian tiau pho nuam lai deuh hi a awma, kan ram vak kan riak dal tawh. Tut pawh hi thui fe a li (ponding) dawn a. Mamit lam ho leh W.Phaileng lam ho pohin an thlai thar Aizawla cheap transportation-a an thawn duh chuan hemi route hi an hman a ngai ang. Tut hian Buarpui thlang Thenhlum bulah hnar zu nei ve daih a

Ka dream leh Vision te:

1) Nghalchawm-kai ah khuan Tlawng lui khu 100m a sangin han khuap hmaks mai ila. Kum hnih fur ah a khat zo chauh ang. Chumi tuikhuah li chuan Tlawng dung a li chho pum mai anga Thenzawl thlang Buarpui kai a lei hi a chim chhe lo chiah ang. Mahse tuilen (flood) lai tak chuan Haulawng zawn vel pawh hi tui chim chin a san phah hle ang. A li hi bungraw tawlh nan a that dan tur zia hi, hrethiam mai em?


Lock Gate 

2) Chu Tlawng li chuan Dialdawk a zui chho anga Lengpui leh Rawpuichhip inkara Dialdawk lei a chim anga Airport leh Hmunpui ram inkar Chal lui in a finna chhak thleng a li chho put ang. Chu chu han hisap ila Panoramic view nei turin – Lengte leh Nghalchawm ram hi chu Island angin a zu hmuh theih ang.

3) Dialdawk hnar lam atang hian Lunghmul lui sirah tunnel verhin Hydro-electric power generate na tur Penstock pipe han la thla ruah mai ila 50MW vel a generate thei ang.

4) Power generate nan hian 50m (dead storage) bak Tlawng lui li put mai hi siak kam miah lo ila englai pawhin 50m li kha Bungraw tawlh nan kan nei reng thei ang. Hei hian Thenzawl thlang Buarpui kai a li thleng vel chiah turin ka hisap.

5) Floating Submersible Pump he li an hian kan dah ang, chu chuan Aizawl Water Supply a chawm ang. Thal a tui tlem tih vel kha a awm tawh lovang.

6) Sialsuk area hovin Changte lui kha he li tengsawl hian thui tak a chim dawn avangin an chhawr ve hle ang. Aibawk ho erawh chuan Darlung kai ah an bungrua an thiar thla anga. Darlung ho Serthlum pawh lawngin an tawlh thla zel zel mai ang chu; a lei huai huai a ni mai ang chu le.

7)Lengte leh a piah chiah khua Nghalchawm te hi Tourist village atan serh-hrang (dedicate) ila Lengpui ram Sairilzo telin. Chung chu Ropeway in thlun zawm ila Europe rama Alps tlang lawnna Ropeway tha ber chi Austria siam ngei hmangin Reiek tlangchhip tawlh thleng ta ila. Duh leh Chalfilh ngawpui thlun zawm bawk ila – Phur deuh phei chuan Mawmrang Resort leh Nauzuarzo (Lengteng tlang sang lai ber) Resort ah te pawh extend zel ila.

8) Chuan Ailawng ram ngaw dur khup mai, tuna thing-tuah atana an lak chereu tran mek hi Ailawng khaw pa ho kha Tourist guide ah hmang tawh thung ila. Reiek atangin Mountain Bike in a peih deuh West Lungdar te Rulpuihlim te Rawpuichhip te an kal zawhah Sairil-zo Resort ah let leh sela, khatiang peih lo tan Ropeway vekin Aizawl ah han bazar sela.

9) Ailawng kham ko leh Lungleng kham ko ve ve hi Foot Suspension Bridge in kan thlunzawm anga Bungee jumping nan leh Lungleng han fawr lawk nan chauh hman a ni anga. Bakah kham lawn-na tlak-dal awm leh awmlo in siam ila hmulthi ding sung sung mahse safe em em si a Tourists hote te(rak/au) khawk rum rum mai sela. Chu pawh ticket lak zel ngai ni sela.

10) Lungleng Ailawng, Reiek Nghalchawm leh Lengte te hi chu Tourist Centre atan a khaw invawnna lam poh Tourism centric deuhin Regulation siam ni sela, chumi atan chuan Master Plan siamin land transfer leh ownership law pawh Tourism lam hawiin siam nise.

He vision hian ka lung a len ema in nin loh hram ka faceless thiante kei misual hian ka beiseiin ka ngen a che u. Ka lawme.


May ni 12, 2005 ah Aizawl to Delhi via Kolkata. Halt at Mizoram House, Teen Murti. A tuk mai ni 13 chuan ka passport Vietnam Visa dil nan Mr Joshi staff of NRRDA kut-ah ka hlan. Had orientation for Vietnam visit at NRRDA office. The meeting was conducted by Mrs Gardi Kaur Mishra, Director Finance, NRRDA who is appointed as team leader. After the orientation we were handed over all the required travel documents and cash in USD to meet all expenses. Ni 14 Delhi ah chamin May ni 15, 2005 chuan Delhi chhuahsanin Hanoi panin Malaysian Airlines flight MH 0190 at 11:30PM-ah kan thlawkchhuak. Kualalumpur kan tum phawt. An riprot thar chu a tha hle mai.

The KUL airport is huge, magnificent and seems to be new one. They are applying in their construction space frame technology and are a Civil Engineering marvel. To get connection to Hanoi flight we were transferred through MRT inside the airport. Boarded Hanoi flight and reached after two hours the next day i.e 16/5/05 at 8:30AM Vietnam Standard Time which is 1.5 hours ahead of IST.


 Airport-ah USD 100 chu kan thlenga Vietnam Dong 1,582,500 a ni a heihi 1.58 million a ni a VMD chuan ka millionaire ta der mai tiin ka thian te kan hrilh chu kan nui dar dar mai. Rs 1 = 350 Dong ang vel a ni. Mahse an note te ber hi 500 Dong a ni. An note thenkhat cho Dong lakh khat te a ni thung. Tui bottle khat hi Dong 6000 to10000 a ni chu chu Rs 17 to 28 ang vel a ni. Beer nen a man a inang reng.

Representative of Indian Embassy and a Vietnamese interpreter Mr Long received us, with the Indian delegates at the airport. We were taken by bus to Hanoi that takes about 45 minutes and were put in a 5-star Melia Hotel.

Zam awm rum rum khawpin he hotel hi a pui. Keini ang hetiang hotel changkanga la thleng ngai lo chuan kilkhawr tak tak bih kuala enchian tur kan ngah hle. Kan inbual fai a kan inthiar chu an European commode chuan tui tlem te hian fai em em-in an flush fai vek maia. Japanese design commode an hmang, Mizoram tui harsatna a hman ve chi tak tur a ni. Kan thlek chianga, tui hi a harsa na a duhtawk hman tur kan nei, I renchem chuan kan lawm khawp ang tihte a lo intara. A bakah khawvel ram puma Green Brigade ho in ngenna an siam Card hring mawi em em chu kan chhiar leh a – “Green Crusade hi i zawm ve duh em? Hotel tina nitin bed sheet thlak nan hian sahbawn leh a sukna tui nitin khawvel puma hman tam dan te nikhat dana bed sheet thlak i  remtih chuan   Card hi pawnah lo khai la Towel ngai I hman nawn hreh loh tel bawk chuan Card hi Bathroom chhungah lo khai la, Green Crusade I zawm duh loh chuan Card hi Bath Tub ah hian I lo paih lut dawn nia” tih hi a lo ni a. Bathroom-a an thildah zozai hi nikhata han hman zawh chi a ni lo bawk nen Card chu Bathroom chhungah chuan kan khai ve zan ta maia.

Kan room chhungah chuan ei leh in tur tuihnai chitin reng an lo chhawpa. A then chu a man pek ngai a then chu a man pek ngai lo te an ni. Hei baka in duat dan hi a awm lem chuang dawn em ni ka ti. PWD IB room nuam ber nen chuan tehkhin chi pawh a ni lo, lei leh van ang a ni mai ka ti. 11AM ah Vietnam sorkar Ministry of Transport-ah meeting kan neih hmain darkar khat chu kan chhing sek teh ang ka ti a. Mumang nei hlek lovin ka mu ta diai diai mai.

Kan meeting-na hmun chu minute 5 a hmaah kan thlenga. An Transport Minister a theih loh avangin official lal berin min kaihruaia. Vietnam sorkarin kawng lama an hmalak dan hrang hrang te min han hrilha zawhna hunte an hawng bawka. An ram leh India chu hmasawnna kawnga in finchhuah tawn zel a duhthu leh India ramah pawh IT lam buaipuitu te an thang ve mek thu te a sawia. Ka zirte –

  • Vietnam ho hi sap aimaha punctual an ni.
  • PMGSY (Rural Connectivity) hmalakna Prabhakant Katare an a present.
  • Zawhna vawi thum ka zawt
  • Chhinchhiah chi te :
  1. Funding 2-3-5 (Commune-Province (State)-Federal) Commune hi khaw inhnaih rorelna khata dahkhawm; khua 5 atanga 40 te pawh a huam thei.
  2. An hmalakna lian tham reng reng ah khawvel changkang tawh te pha ngei turin Global level-a lang tham Consultant for Survey/DPR/ Supervision/Qualitiy Audit/Procurement FIDIC document deuh vek an hmang.
  3. 1993 liberalization ve chauh, Chinese in kum 1000 an awp. France in kum 150 an awp. North leh South Vietnam an indo an inzawm leh. An lal (King) an ban 1945 ah. Communist ram an ni. America an do leh. Hnam hrat khawkheng huaisen an ni bawka, an economic liberalization hi a true spirit in an apply.
  4. Fund an hmuhna langsar zual te : World Bank/ADB/ODA Canada/JBIC/DFID
  5. Infrastructure ah chuan India hian ka kal tawh chinah chuan kan pha lo ah ka ngai.

Official hoin lunch min eipui zawhah Vietnam Roads Authority ah an meeting 3PM atangin kan chhunzawm leh nghal. Chhinchhiah tur te:

  • VRA hi Nodal Agency for all roads, Motor registration, Driving license issue leh overloading control tu, safety, roadside plantation and beautification,
  • VRA hian pilot project in province 2 ah Roads Inventory Management System an ti zo. Hetah hian kawng chungchanga pawimawh zz data an dah vek. AutoCAD leh MS Access an hmang. An kawngkawi Radius te Transition Curve detail leh item hrang hrang man zat te, leh repair an tih hun leh senso zat engkim mai hriat tul chu he an data management ah hian an thun vek. Mihring base nilo System base management tih hlawhtlin an tum hle mai. Keini ve a awm a fel leh hna a tha a hnuah mi fello an awm leh a chhe leh mai.
  • VRA hnuaiah hian PDOT= Province Dept of Transport (state PWD ang) hi an awm.

Kan thlen zan hian Sa ei leh eilo kan inthliara. Vietnam pana India kan chhuahsan kha nimin mai ania Mizo chaw leh bai diktak zawn hi kan tum lo mai mai khawpa. Seafood lam eiturin kan chhuak ta hal hal maia. Luipui kamah outdoor (rooof a nei bang a neilo)  live music ngei mai awmna ah kan va kal ta. Thiam leh thiam lovin sap hla chu an sa lo khawp. Mahse an hla thluk te han ngaihthlak chuan pop music a ni tih chu kei mimawl pawh hian ka man ve maia. Mi lah an lo tam hrep. Kan interpreter in kan ei duhzawng te chu min han order puia – Tuifinriat chakai chi hrang hrang, kaikuang a nungchunga a Kg a thlan nge kan duh an dah vawhsa a sawisen a ni lo dulhmul khat phaurin zuk ei ve tho ia. Chopstick hman tluan zak ka tuma kaikuang leh chakai einan erawh a har hle. Chakai hi a chehna min rawn chhawpa kaikuang erawh kan inkheh chawpa. Chawtani chi hrang hrang hi toothpaste anga hmehchhuah tur hi an han chhawpa a then a thak a then sawhthing rim nam, mahni ka in a duh chu kan inhre chawp ve mai. Beer leh thildang in tur lah chu a tam hle inrenchem vangin ka in ta miah lo!!! Tlangval hmeltha tak Mizo tlangval ni mai awm a ngo deuh hlek ang a zai zawh chuan nula zei hmeltak hi a han zaia (Ngengpuii han tih mai awm tak a ni) kan thianpa Sardarji chu a lo hmu vak ngai lo nge zai pahin Rose an rawn pe ta hnap mai chuh – kan thawm a ring hle mai. Mahni ram a ni lo tih pawh kan hai hman thelh a ni. El euha kan ei hnu chuan (in tel lovin) kan thlenna hotel Hanoi ah pawh an chung en larh hotel chu kan pan phei leh ta. Rin aiin chhun lama traffic te a tawt tehreng nen zan dar 10:30 velah chuan a lo thawl hle mai. Kan zawt chianga Vietnam ah chuan business and office hrs hi zing dar 8 ah an tana. Lunch break hi 11:30 to 1:00 an neia, tlai dar 4 ah an banga zanah hmatakah an mu tlangpui hi a lo ni a. Zanah chuan Five Star hotel khum nuam takah chuan mut zai kan rela. Ka thiante  (Indian delgate) te kan call-a Vietnam mobile phone (Sim Card) lei hi hotel phone hman ai chuan a man zawk an ti a leiturin Lobby-ah chuan ka zuk chhuk ve a Dong lakh 2 man chu kan lei ve a, chhungte zankhat biak hnu chuan a balance kan check a a bang tlem hle mai. SMS char char mai tur anih hi ka ti a. Min awimu tuirn BBC leh CNN te kan ngai thla a, khawlum leh humid em em ah vawt ti lek lekin rizai sin chuan ka muta a. A nuam aniang mumang ka nei miah lo.

China leh Laos ram dep an Province khawpui Son La panin

380Km lai a ni a kan zinna lehna tur hi.  Kan hotelah American Breakfast a tui tinreng mai Buffet a kan ei hnu chuan Hyundai Bus ah Air Condition nuam takah kan chuanga. Ministry atangin interpreter hmeichhe fel tak leh VRA-a an Senior officer ten min hruaia. An ram hi 80% tlangram a ni a 20% hi phairam a ni. An ram hi a lo kheng ve hle a, Jungle War atan chuan duhthusam a ni mai awm e. Ramvachal tan lo chuan kal zung zung chu awlai bik lo tak a ni. Chinai lung an ngah avangin an tlang thenhkat chu a filh deuh thuau maia, a mawi lehling hle mai. An Highway ah kan tlana, kawng kamah hotel vel a ther ve sup mai (Mizo style deuhin) . Han en reng rengin 12Ft frontage dawrah hian a hnung leh a chhawng chungah a dawr neitu te an cheng nghal tlang pui. Hmun tinah inthiarna a fai tha hle a, tui pawh an nei tha hle zel. Chinese ho ang chiahin Green Tea hi an in reng mai a. An no erawh naupang inkhualtelemna tiat lek hi a ni. No ¾ in chu a har lo hle. A dai an pawisa lo khawp bawk. Thingpui ina chawlhna kan duh kan sawi laiin khawte tak te ah kan chawla, thingpuidawr 1 chiah nei ang chi ah hian. An pa ho hian Beer an lo inkhawm tal tala, anmahni siam ngei kha. Kan thiante kawlhrawng deuh chuan an han inpui thuai bawka. Kan thian thenkhat riltam deuh chuan chawei mai an rawta, min hruaitu chuan eina hmun mumal deuhah I ei ang u an ti a kan kal leh ta a.

An kawng a tha si Car tan speed limit 60 Kmph an phal laiin Bus tan chuan 40Kmph an ti a 80Kmph pawhin kan tlan thei tih a hriat reng mai sia. Mahse a khat tawkin Police Speed check tu hi an lo awm zela. An Police te hian silai an keng lo mahse an han zah dan zia hian ngaihtuah an tithui hle. 160Km vel kan tlan hnu chuan Lunch kan ei ta a. Sa eimi zawng kan buai lo hle. Vegitarian ho erawh chu sawi theih piah lamin an buai a ni. An thil han chhawp reng reng hi Sa leh a kaihhnawih an han chhawp hmsaa kan eife hnuah Sa chidang an han chhawp leha, chumi hnuah tlak ang chi  leh soup te an chhawp leh hnuah Rice hi a tawp nan ber zu han chhawp chauha. An ei ah hian Tel a tlem hle, Chinese style mah nise Mizo duhdana tak nguk silo hi a ni. Keini pa kawchhe tan pawh kan ngeih dawn tih hi a hriat reng mai. Kan thian thenkhat ten Waiter ho chu “Hey tih leh kut zaizirin an han huia” heihi an ni chuan an duh vak loh chi leh polite lohna a an ngaih a ni. Mahse nuisang reng mai hnam an ni a, an lungnihvakloh pawha nuisang chi an ni an lo ti, a dik hmel hle in ka hria.

Chawei kham chu kan kal ta zel a, an kawngah chuan 100m dan zelah hian chhinchhiahna pillar an daha, a number an pe zel bawka. A hlauhawm turah chuan thir tlawn te an dah bawk. Road Safety lamah chuan zirtir an ngai lo hle. Kawngtluanin Centre line leh a sir tawn tawn hi rawng var an hnawih chhuak vek mai. A khat tawkin kan kal zelna tur information an tar zel Mel post nen. Abakah kawng chhuk leh chhoh dan 6% up 7% down 10% up 200m long tih ang chi te. Vawikhat kalnan pawh speed lak leh break uluk ngai lai chu hai tur a awm der lo. Tlangram deuh veka tlan kan ni, an side drain han uluk dan chuh – keini aiin ruahtui an dawng tlem si, an tlang hriam dan erawh a khawi nge chhe zawk ang ka tih reng lain tlangsang lamah phai zawl leilet awmna te chu kan han tlan pel leh zawk bawka. An ruam hi keini ram angin a thuk ve vak vak lo.

Lawi (Zoram lawi nen hian breed khat an nih hmel hle;  an bawng te chenin a te ve fek fawk hle mai) nen hian chuan an hnam awmtirh atangin an inthian thin anih a rinawm hle. War Memorial kan tlan tlang zeuh zeuh mahse kan ding hman lo, dinchilha han belhchian pawh a chakawm hle thin mai. Zing dar 9 a chhuak kha tlai dar 5 ah chuan an Province capital Son La chu kan thleng ta a. An Hotel 7-Storey ah kan thleng, Hanoi a kan thlenna nen chuan kan sit hle maia mahse Card Key fully AC leh computerized kha a ni ve tho mai. Khawpuia an tih chu an thingtlangah pawh an apply ve zel ani maw ka ti maia. Tlang a lo sang tana a lum nepa an hot water lah chu duh ang anga single levera a control khan duhtawka in shower hnuah pawh daih lai reng a nei lo. Salt Lake Mizoram House ai chuan felfai hle ah ka ngai. Dinner eiturin Restaurant kan pana kan thiante Vegetarian ho chu an buai leh hle, keilah chu Vietnam chaw chi hrang hrang test ka tum hle mai si a. Restaurant nghaktu ho lah chuan min hai deuh reng bawka. An hriatthiam turin mahni inkawk va pah hian “No Vietnamese, India, Mizo near Myanmar” kan ti a, an lu bu nghat nghat chung hian “OK OK OK” an han ti a.


An state PWD ho chu  PDoT (Province Dept of Transport) an tih office ah kan kala zing dar 8 chuan an lo kim thap tawh maia. An conference hall-ah chuan meeting kan neia. An state chhunga road awm reng reng chu an thuneihna hnuaiah a awm vek mai. An hotupa ber Dinh Duc Chu an kan meeting a kaihruaia. Ho Chi Minh a piancham kum 115 na a lo ni bawka Uncle Ho-a thianpa Nehru-a ram atanga Indian delegates te chu chibai min han buk te te a, a hote min han introduce bawka. An province 14000 Sqkm (Mizoram chanve tiat) a zau ah Commune 827 an neia, an kawng neih zat min han hrilha:

  • 572 Km National road
  • 589 Km State Road
  • 1214 Km District Road
  • 2800 Km Commune Road (Rural Road)

Kum 10 kalta khan an province Road Network Master Plan an siama, Consultant te ruaiin an siamthat leh mek thu min hrilh bawk. Commune Road an maintain nana an sum mamawh hi kawngin a khaw tlawh ho khan sum an thawh khawma, a bak chu District leh Province ten a pe bawka, chung an sum hmuh chuan an kawng te an maintain thin a ni. Pawisa thawh thei lovin a tha in an rul mai thin. An mahni kaihruai turin, PDoT atangin Engineer te an va depute thin. Leimin nasa leh tuiliana in a tihchhiat erawh an Central sawrkarin tanpuina a pe. Hat Lot Commune hnuaia kawng an maintain te kan en hnuah  an office hi kan tlawha, building tha tak Primary School pangngai tiat vel hi a ni.  An kawng te hi keini ai chuan an maintain tha hle mai. An kawngah hian Commune ho hian over loading an khap tlata, an side drain nen lam an thlo fai ni maiin ka hria. Pot hole hmuh tur a awm lo tluk a ni. Kan kal pah hian Tea Garden leh Coffee Plantation kan hmu nuala, mimal ta zau tak tak te pawh a awm tih min hrilh bakah Coffee atang hian nasa takin an dinhmun an chawiakan thu te an sawi bawk (Sumchang thlai a hma an lakdan chu kan la ziak ang chu).  Thimfe hnuah Son La ah kan kir leh a. Mut hmunah Communist hi thiltha tih duh hotu an neih chuan implement an awlsam bik hle dawn anih hi, Democracy ai mahin a that hi ka ti.


Kawng ngai bawk zawhin, Son La atangin Hanoi kan kir leha, Hotel dang a hma a kan thlenna ang 5-Star level-ah kan thleng leha.  Thlen veleh kan inbual faia, thil tlawmna hmun an tih an Lake bulah ka va bazaar. Kan kalhma a mi min hrilh lawk angin thil reng reng man hi a zahve vel atangin kan dawna, Calculator hi kan in hmanchhawk zak zak mai a ni. A nuam ve hranpa khawp mai, mahse 20% vel aia tlawm chuan ka si thlu thei der lo nia. Silk lam thawmhnaw chi hrang hrang, thi leh bengbeh chitin mai leh handicraft lampang ah chuan an lo thiam chungchuang hle ka ti mai.  Handicraft phei hi chu a village tawp tawpin thil siam bik hi an lo nei a lo nia. A tlawmin an nalh hle mai. Kan nu te chu kal ve se lei tur an hriat hle dawn hi ka ti a. Thiam hnang leh, mau atanga thil an siam ho phei chu Mizo te min train sela aw ka ti.

Kan hotel ka haw phei chu sap hla hi an lo sa a, kan va lut chu Phillipino band an lo zai hi a lo nia. An thiam hle mai. Thutna ka rem fel hnu a ka tlangnel deuh hnu chuan stage atangin khawi lam mi nge ka nih tih min han zawta kan sawia a awih lo hle na a Myanamar hnaih Mizoram atanga kal ka nih thu kan hrilh hnu chuan Hindi hla kan sak sak ang che a ti a, mawi deuhin a sa a, a hla lah chu ka hriat ngai a ni lem lo naa, thuthmun atang chuan lawmthu te kan hrilh a.


Ho Chi Minh a thlan ro Mauseleum ah kan kala, a chanchin te ziaka kan chhiar chian hnu chuan ka ngaisang sawt maia. Ho Chi Minh chu tawih thei lovin Russian thiamna hmangin darthlalang chhungah an daha, a hmel leh tisa te leh a khabe hmul te chu a damlai ang chiah in a vawng nung a ni. Kum 40 zet a thih hnu in a liam tawha, a taksa an vawnthat dan chu ka rinphak bak in a tha a ni. A chenna in leh office zawng zawng te, a laltin leh lehkhabu hlui te pawh mipui enturin an dah vek mai. Holiday anih vang nge ni, a kum 115 piancham kum anih vang nge entu kan tam hem hem hle mai. An Freedom fighter Independence puangtu chu India ramin Mahatma Gandhi kan ngaisang ai mah hian an hlut emaw chu aw ka ti. Entu mipui mihring sing tel fe ah khan, Vietnamese mi kha 90% chu an tlin ka ring.


Hue city Vietnam ram laili an lal rorel laia an khawpui panin Ha Noi chu Vietnam Airlines in ATR aircraft Lengpui-a thlawhna te tum thin ang chi ah hian kan thlawh chhuah sana.   French hoin an awp laia Hotel an din, kum 200 dawn hnua an cheithat French Architech renchem nei miah lo a an design 5-Star hotel atana an cheithat Hotel Saigon ah kan thlenga. A bul lungvawm phak mai kha Perfume River an tih, Tuiruang aia lian mah chu tourist hip thei chi hrang hrangin an chemawia a tui lah a fim kuk mai si a mawi kher mai. Kan hotel thlenna lobby ah chuan Silk puan background a hmagin artist ten thuimawi an lo tarchhuaka, keilah pek chuan an painting mawi zia saw I va lei the ang u ka tia, kan belhchian fe hnu pawhin painting hi ang ka la tihle tho. Ka room luah chu a lian tha bawka, veng lian tak YMA Committee thlengzo tur zeta lian a ni. Hmanlai Europe pa ho hi chu an va lo ropui riap riap em aw ka ti a.


Sunday hian office an kai bik lova, luipui kam beach leh an Industrial khawpui lian pakhat Da Nang Km 110 zeta hla panin zing breakfast zawhah Bus nuam takah kan kala. Japanense Contractor ten an thawh zawh hlim 6.280Km a thui tunnel kan tlan tlanga. Tunnel chhung an design dan leh chhiat tawh awm thei palha an inven dan safety measure hrang hrang video leh computer hmanga an monitor min entira. A pui tiap tiap hle mai. An Industrial Zone te kan thlir thuak thuak hnuin French hoin Archeology Museum an Dinah kan kala. Vietnam ram hi Hindu Mission te pawhin kum sang fe liamta ah khan hmun an lo khuar tawh tih a hriat hle mai. Tam Dynasty bul intanna a lo nih bakah brick leh tyle an rawhthiam dan leh an char ngheh thiam dan hi Research beitu tamtak te maktih a ni. Da Nang hi National road hlir zawhin kan chhuahsana, kan kal chho kan chhoh hnuah,Da Nang khawpui mawi em em a a lanan leh America nen an indo a America 7-Fleet vel lo luhna Deep Sea Port te kan thlira kan chhuk leh ngar ngar maia. Kan inthleh kan inthleh hnuah Lagoon bakah luipui in tuifinriat a finna mawi tak tak kan tlan pel leha Beach a an Resort-ah lunch kan han ei mai chu a vai hnem theih hle mai. Tlaiah ruah a sur ve a mahse a rei lo, Hue hmun hi an rama ruahtui tamna ber hmun 3000mm chunglam ruahtui tlakna a ni ve. Mahse an kawng chu a hnum em em mai lawi si. Kawnga tuitling hmuhtur awm lovin an kawng drainage an titha anih hi ka ti rilru nauh nauha. Thim hlimah Hue kan thlenga, swimming poolah han chen ve ka chak viau na a, kan inbual fai hnu chuan Hue khawpui chu ka fangkual ta zawka. Tourist tamna hmun a ni bawk nen kan thlenna bul mai kha an fuankhawmna a ni bawka, kawng sira an restaurantah Vietnam chaw ngei kha ka eia a tlawm hle bawk si. A tuk programme turte inpuah chah hma turin thui vak vak zui ta lovin kan hotelah ka kir leh ta a.


PDoT office ah zingkara meeting kan neih hnuin, kawng maintain lama an hmalak dan kan thlur bing deuh a. An Province statistics min han hrilh phawta :

  • 5000 Sqkm a zau chauh a lo nia Aizawl District tia vel a ni awm e.
  • District 8 ah an inthen a
  • Commune 144 an nei commune khatah village 10 aia tam an awm lo tlangpui.
  • Port lian tak 2 an enkawl tel 30000MT Cargo daily in an handle thei
  • Hue City hi mihring nuai 10 vel awmna a ni
  • National road 227 Km, Dist road 550 Km leh 2600 Km Commune road an enkawl mek
  • An province a hausak deuh avangin mipui pawisa thawh khawm hi 30% lai a tling kawng an maintain nan
  • Blacktop loha Gravel road chauh tih hi World Bank hoin an tihtira a tlo si lova a simthlak an ti hle. Heng kawng black top loh tamtak hi Commune ho in an pawisa in an black top.

Thuang Hnat Commune village 5 neiah kan kala, an Rural road ah chuan Culvert leh R Wall ah sum an sen hnem hmel hle mai. Nam Dong district road Km 38 lai kan zawh bawk. Kan kalna ah chuan Rubber leh Acasia hi an chin thlak thelh sung mai. An chinthlak thelh chhan ka zawh chuan tamhri an inkai pawh loh nana kan tih a ni an ti. Tlang sang pir deuh deuh a tam hle a a ngaw hring dup mai. Chhunah kan va kal lai hian villager ho kha an zawlbukah hian an lo mu dul maia, an chhun khawlum hna chawlhsan an lo nia.

Kan haw kawngah Pilot project-a Concrete road Steel reinforce leh bamboo reinforce hmang te, Lung phek  chher phah chunga concrete road te, Brick Soling chunga BT te DFID bultuma an tihchhin kan ena, Mizorama tihchhin ve awm takah ka ngai. Kan haw kawngah Ancient City an tih an lal ban hma a an Palace kan tlawha, an lal te pawh an lo ropui hle mai. An vanglai chuan nupui 140 chuang nei te pawh an awm a lo nia. An lal te hi France ramah 1945 vel khan an tlanchhia a tun thlengin an thlah te an la awm. Zanah lawng mi 20 chuan theihna kan hire a, Perfume river an tih luipui thianghlim em em ah  lawng chhungah Vietnamese Classical Music live in an play a duhtawkin seafood kan ei leh kha.


Ha Noi kan pan leh hma in an King thlan ro kan tlawh zawka, Ha Noi panin Vietnam Airlines Airbus 320 in Hue chu kan han bye bye leh ta a. Kan thlenna hmasa Hotel Melai ah kan thleng leha, zanah Vietnamese Restaurant dik tak ah kan interpreter Long-a nen dinner kan eia, a la tui deuh deuh anih hi ka ti. An chaw leh sa ka ei ta malh malh hle a pum ngeih lo hi zu awm miah lo mai a mak ka ti hle.


Transport Ministry ah Wrap up meeting kan neia, an General Director i/c International Cooperation in min ho a lawmthu te kan han inhrilh nawn hnu in introduction an han neia, Vietnamese ho sir chiah ah ka thu a, min han hai leh peka kan nui dar dar mai. Senior engineer 10 rual zet an lokala English a tawng thei sawih sawih pakhat chaih zuk awma a maw le.

Vietnam kan chhuahsan dawn ta bawka am takin kan bazaar ve tak kha. Bazar zawh hian tlai thimhlim flight a Kuala Lumpur pan turin Ha Noi kan chhuahsan a lo hun ta der mai. Vietnamese min kaihruaitu te chuan min rawn thlah leh thlap maia. Min thlah tu te nen chuan kan han inkuah vawng vawnga a lunglen thlak ve tep a ni.


Trans-Asia Road hi an hlawkpui hle a ni. 4 lane Highway a ni a, henglai kan kawngpuite anga Motor len na chin chauh Black Top a ni ve lova, a kawng  ruh chin ang ang Black Top vek (Wide shoulder )a ni. He kawng siamna ah hian Company 82 an inhnamhnawih a, a senso hi US $ 121 million (Rs. 545 Crore ) a ni. Hetianga kawngpui tha an han neih takah hian kum tin investment 20% in a pung ziah a ni. Chumi awmzia chu US $ 300 million (Rs. 1350 Crore ) anih tak chu, he kawngpui in a Cambodia a paltlang hnuah hian an sumdawnna leh Tourism-ah te nasa takin hma an sawn phah bawk a ni. Trans Asia Road avang hian Export–ah pawh nasa takin hma an sawn a, Kum 2004 atang khan 26 % in an export hi kumtin a sang chho a ni a, chumi awmzia chu US $ 72  million ( Rs. 320 Crore ) in a pung tihna anih chu.

Asian Development Bank sum hmanga Greater Mekong Sub-region hmasawnna Programme hian Mekong Lui luan tlangna ram pathum Vietnam, Cambodia,Thailand te bakah Myanmar leh Laos-te a huam vek a, hetianga kawngpui a lo inpawh tak vekah hian heng ramte hian  ramri an kan na apiangah Port of Entry Visa Ni 30 chhung atan an inpe a, a tul dan a zirin awlsam te a pawhsei theih a ni. Bangkok atanga Kualalumpur hi tunah chuan darkar 6 tlan chauh a ni ta a, Kualumpur leh Singapore inkar hi darkar 4 tlan chauh a ni ta a ni.

Vietnam ram chhung bikah Trans Asia Highway hi 80 Km a sei a ni a, hei hian an khawpui lian ber (Business Capital) a paltlang nghe nghe a ni. An kawngpui te hi han tha lo zia a ni lo tih a lanna chu kawngpui 80 Km siam nan hian ADB-ODA sum US $ 145 (Rs. 652.50 Crore ) an seng a, 1 Km ah Rs. 8.00 Crore vel an seng tihna anih chu.


An ram chhim lam hi a ram hausa lam a ni a, Power pawh an intodelh Hmar lamah hian Hydro-Electrict lamah hma an la nasa hle a. An luite hi China leh Laos atanga luanglut an ni hlawm a, Tuiruang Lui aia lian fe fe a awm thluah mai, an ram 80% hi tlangram chhengchhe ve tak a ni a. 3000 MW Project ang chi Mega Project an nei nual. An ram lui te hi ruahtui ring, Vur in a chawm ang chi an nih lemloh avangin kan ram lui te ang bawkin Thalah tui a tlem ve thin avangin Thermal Back-up an ngai. Thermal (Gas Fired Power Plant ) an hmang ber. Thermal Back up hi Chhim lam atangin 500 KV National Grid kaltlang in an in pe chhawng thin. Grid Transfer hi Shut down la lovin an in pe chhawng mai thin a ni.

An ram khawpui Ha Noi ah pawh Delhi te ang tho Power cut an nei ve fo tho mai, mahse Office te Hotel te leh Shopping Complex leh Restaurant te chuan DG Set back-up an nei deuh vek a ni. Residential Area-ah chuan Ha Noi-ah hian an in thim chhawk ve zak zak tho a ni.

Ha Noi hi phaizawl khua Mihring nuai 30 vel awmna a ni a, an khawpui awmzia chu Aizawl tiat vel khaw engemaw zat inhnai te te inzawmkhawm a ni a. Khawpui lum tak Kolkata ang a lum Humidity sang bawk si anih avangin Portable DG Set hralh a tlak hmel hle a ni.

India ram ONGC leh an mahni Vietnam Oil and Gas corporation ten Gas an hmuh belh zel avangin Power-ah chuan an intodelh thuai a rinawm.


Hnam inchei uluk leh invawng fai an ni a, an hmel pawh a tha tlangpui in ka hria (kan thangrei tawh deuh vang emaw ni ? ) Mizo te nen pumruaah chuan kan intia tlang tawk viau a, a ngo erawh an ngo zawk deuh. Budhist Sakhaw bia an ni a, an sakhaw vawnin an nun a thunun tih a hriat a, an nun nemin an polite em em a, hlim hmel an pu reng emaw ni tih mai tur a ni. Fashion-ah pawh an sang a, Economic Liberalisation avangin Multi National Company an lut nasa. Thalai tan hna tau a tet a, hna an thawk nasa hle a, an mamawh leh duhzawng lei thei turin an intodelh tlangpui. Korean Celebrity leh Western culture in thalaite a influence nasa. Premier League-te American Idol leh Korean Serial te kan Mizo thalaite ang tho in an tuipui ve hle. Beer te Wine te hi chu zu ah an ngai lo ni berin a lang a hmei a pa in an in vek ni tur a ni. Tui leh Beer man a in ang deuh reng. Thalai zingah Class hnih Beer leh an Local Vodka in chi leh a neinung deuh Wine in thei Class an awm. In tihhlim nan Pub, Karaoke leh Disco an uar hle. Communist sawrkar an ni na a heti lamah hian an thikthu a chhe hran lo tih a hriat theih. Restaurant a chawei chhuah hi an ching hle bawk. Thalai ho hi za ah za in ziak leh chhiar an thiam a College level thleng hi a tam ber an ni. Chuti chung chuan English a lar lovin an thiam lo veleh chhawng hle a ni. Kut themthiam na lam an ngaisang tih a hriat a, Art lamah an kal nasa hle Moped hi 90% velin veivah nan an hmang. A sing a nuai tel hi an tleh del del mai a ni, inchhawng sang atang chuan fanghmir ka te pawh an ang ka ti. Petrol leh Diesel hi India ram aiin 50% vel zet in a tlawm.


Vietnam pan tura kan chhuah dawnin Er. Ramhluna, Adviser to CM inah ka leng a, Vietnam-a kal ka chak lem loh thute leh NE India State ang vel lek tura ka ngaih thute ka hrilh a. A ni chuan, “Hei Australia atangin ka lo haw hlim a, Australian Consultant kan rawih te Vietnam-a kal tawhte nen kan inkawm a, hma an sawn zia leh nuam an tih thute min hrilh asin” a lo ti a, ka phur phah ta deuh sawt a. “Coffee hi Vietnamah an ching nasa khawp mai a, khawvel No.1 Brazil pawh hi Vietnam ho hian an umpha tep tawh a nia, I han zin chuan an hlawhtlin dante rawn chik I tum dawn nia”, min ti a. Coffee chin hi Mizoram intodelhna a nih theih thu Major Thangkima (Mizopa hrat khawkheng) titi; U Biakenga (Fam), Chanmari West kan ral tumin, haw nachang hre lo lekin ka lo ngaithla tawh a. A bakah a hnu deuhah Lengte ka kal tumin a coffee huan a enkawl dan leh a nihphungte ka zu hmuhpui ve tawh bawk a. Chumi phur thut chuan ka huan ngaw thelh thuau karah ka phun ve a. “I huan hi a ngaw em maia I coffee chin hian ni hlim an mamawh chung hian nisa pawh an mamawh ve tho a, I huan ngaw I thawlh thelh loh chuan rah an chhuah tha thei loving”, tih thurawn ka dawng a. Ka huan ngaw han kih thawl chu ka ui bawk si a, chhuanlamah District Council hun laia Aizawl dai ngaw khep khup mai kara thing tuah tur kan han fawm khawm, forest guard hlauva kan tlan chhiat thinte min ti hre chhuak a, tunah lah lal tak tak an awm khup si lai hian ka coffee neih that duh vanga ka huan ngaw thiah te chu an phal lo tawp ang tih chhuanlamin ka coffee phunte chu rah an chhuah that loh deuh pawhin a zar zo tu nungcha tal an lawm ang chu ka ti a.

Thingtlang kawng (Rural Road) lama an hlawhtlin dan zir tura kal tur kan nihna ai mahin coffee lam chuan ka rilru a la ta hle mai a. Vietnam ram chhungah 1500Km chuang lai kan tlan kual a, kan kal chhan baka zawhna ka zawh ngei ngei ber chu ‘coffee’ a ni ta zel a. America sipaite chet hleihluak nate chuan ka ngeng a chhun mang hauh lo mai a (ka khawngaih lo ni lovin), Mizoramah anni ang hian han bei ve ila, kan thangthar thalaite hian han atchilh ve tak tak mai sela, pa te pocket money dil dil lovin, “Ka nu, ka pa, New York Coffee Auction (commodity auction) naah ka hlawh tha deuhva, US dollar 1000 hian I duh zawng zawng tih nan lo hmang ve teh”, ti a sawi tur thalai taima tak tak an kat nuk dawn si a. Mizoram tan coffee hi chu ka U Robert-an ‘thing anchhedawng’ a tih ang chi hi chu ni theiin ka hre lo a ni.

A hma lama kan sawi tawh ang khan Vietnam ho hi kum sang tel teh meuh mai leilet leh tlang ram lo a nei a, buh ching an nih avangin an culture an hriat hlat theih berah pawh hian an lo neih naa lawi an chhawr tangkai zia te hi a ni a. Hun a lo inher zel a, buh chin vak vak ai chuan sum chang thlai chi hrang hrang lamah tan an la nasa em em a, heng avang hian buh an chinna thin hmun hi a zim telh telh a, chung buh chin ai chuan coffee lamah te hma an la ta vak vak mai a ni. Tun kum li kal ta, kum 2000 atanga 2004 inkar khan buh an china thin 338,000 hectare-ah hian sum chang thlai an lo ching ta zawk a ni. Buh chinna hmun an neih zawng zawng hi 7,666,000 hectare atangin 7,328,000 chauh buh chinna hmun an nei ta a ni. Buh hi chu khawvel ram hrang hrang atangin an la lut a, India ram atang pawhin ran chaw atan tam lai buh uih ang kha an la lut teuh mai. Sum chang thlai a intodelh an tum dan han tarlang ila:

  • Buh an la china hmunah hian buh chi thar chin, fertilizer tha pek ngei, tui kawng irrigation chum lo chat lova pe thei tura hma an lak avangin buh china hmun an zim a, an thar erawh a pung thung, 4860kg (tin 600 vel) hi 1 hectare (tin 2 leh a chanve hmun vel) ah an thar a, chu chu tin khat hmunah 2000kg ang vel (tin 250 ang vel) an thar tihna a ni. Hei hi thar hlawk an inti hle.
  • Sa ei nasa hnam an nih avangin ran vulh lamah tan an la nasa em em a. an buh hmun tam tak hi vaimim hmunah an let a. An vaimim thar hi buh an thar ai chuan tlem hle mahsela a kum telin vaimim hi an thar pung telh telh a, an thar punna ringawt hi kum tin 3,50,000 tonne chawh rual theih a ni. Heti chung hian ran chaw atan ram dang ami an la chaw lut (import) nasa hle.
  • Market chiang sa, industry lian te’n an lei zawh nghal zel duh chi chin an uar hle bawk. Chungte chu:
    • Rubber
    • Acacia (gum siamna)
    • Pepper (thinghmarcha)
    • Cashewnut
    • Tea
    • Coffee
  • Market chiang sa ve tho, short term atana industry din pui theih thlai an tih ho chin an uar hle bawk a, chungte chu:
    • Bekang
    • Fu
    • Cotton (La)
    • Thei ei chi hrang hrang; serthlum, theihai, lakhuihthei, theifeihmung, limbu bial chi leh dawnfawh te an ni.
  • Ramngaw nei tha em em chung hian thing leh mau, sumdawnna a hman tur chin an uar hle. Khawvel ram pawna an thawn chhuah (export) nasat deuh deuhte han tarlang leh ila, tichuan coffee lamah kan kal tawh dawn nia:
    • Coffee
    • Rubber
    • Pepper
    • Cashewnut
    • Thingpuife
    • Rice (Buh)

Coffee History: French-hoin an tihhmuh atangin kum 1857 leh 1993 inkar khan mawlmang angreng takin, thang em em chuang si lovin coffee hi kum 140 dawn an lo ching a, an thiam ang tawk tawkin coffee chin dan an zir chho naa, hma nasa takin an sawn hran lo.

Khawvel mite mak tih khawpin coffee-ah an hlawhtling: Robusta coffee an tih, tunhma atanga an lo chin thin variety kha hlawk zawka thar tura enkawl dan (yield) mithiam (consultant) ruaiin an hriat belh zel a. A bakah coffee rau rauva tui leh man man zawk arabica variety chu kum 1993 atang khan chin an uar tan chhova. Coffee hi kung khat rau rauva an thar kha a let li in an thar thei a, coffee chingtu an pung bawk si a, coffee an thar hi kum tin a let za laia an lo thar tam takah chuan coffee kaihhnawih industry, thalaite eizawnna nuaih tel siamtu a pung hluai bawk a. Hetiang hian Vietnam ho hian engtinnge an tih ka hriat theih chin chinte tarlan tum ila:

  • Coffee chin nan hian lei sen, lei tha leh lei tak thuah chhah ram hi a tha duh an ti a. Tin ram lum lam leh boruak hnawng tam a ngeih an ti bawk a. Heng ang ram hi mithiam (soil and agricultural scientist)-te ruaiin khawiah nge coffee kan chin ang tiin hma an han la phawt a. Khang hmunah khan robusta coffee chin tur an tihnaah chuan khawng the tawhin thingtlang mite chu an chin tir a.
  • Heng coffee an china turah hian coffee chi (seed) scientific taka sawngbawl, certified seed supplier, ISO Certificate nei ngat te’n man lovin an pe a, a bul an tan atanga an rah thlenga an enkawl nan kum tin sawrkarin kan tanpui ang che u an ti a, an pe ngei bawk a.
  •  A rah chhuah a pun theih nan mithiamte’n an enkawl pui reng a. A bakah an coffee rah thar nisa a pho ro nan an mamawh hrang hrang an pe bawk a. A coffee rah a pun theih nan tui pek a hlawk a ni tih an hriat chinah, coffee an par tan tir a, tui pek tur ang chi, water harvesting leh pumpin irrigation an tih hnuah tunlai hian drip irrigation-a tih chhoh an tum leh ta zel a. Tin duat em em in fertilizer an pe bawk a.
  • Robusta variety hi an tlang ram laihawl, 500-700m vela sangah (altitude) an ching ber a, kan hriat thiam dan turin Lengpui ramte, Kolasib, Thingdawl ramte anga sang vel ram. Coffee nursery siama enkawl chu an ‘blackbelt’ ve na lampang tak a ni.
  • Hmar lam ram tlang sang lehzual, 1000m chin chung lam, ruah tui (monsoon) hmuh thatna si ah Arabica variety an ching thung a ni (Coffee chin thlangtute’n Zampui leh Burma ram atanga a chi an lak, certified ni miah lo anga malsawm lo taka pek ang ni lo hian).
  • Coffee an thar tam ta tih an hriat chinah khawvel sumdawng hausa (foreign investors)-te chu coffee chi hrang hranga siamna industry an din tir a, coffee-a sumdawng hausa tawh chuan a hralhna kha an hre bawk si a, kum 2000 hma lama coffee man san lai ber kha an thar tam lai nen a in nang bawk si a, an hlawkpui hle a ni.

Harsatna:  An harsatna tawhte I lo tarlang ila:

  • Coffee an thar tam si a, an lo inpuahchah tha tawk lova, coffee tih rona (drying yard) an indaih lo. Tunah hian power leh khaw thiltihtheihna hmang tangkaia ur rona lam an uar tan hle.
  • Robusta man a tlakhniam lain Arabica man a pung a, an duh angin Arabica variety an ngah tawk lo.
  • Khawvel market dap zo tur mithiam an ngah tawk lo.
  • Coffee international market-a rate san vak hnua tlak hniam leh vak ang chite internet kal tlanga coffee chingtute hriat tir zung zung theihna lamah Brazil ram angte pha lo an inti hle.

Coffee-a hmasawn zel dan tur (strategy):

Tunlai hian coffee man hi a tlahniam fu a, Vietnam-ho vanga international market rate pawh hi tlahniamah mithiamte’n an sawi thin a. Chuti chung chuan coffee atan hian indopui an puang ve ni berin a lang, hmasawn zel an tum tlat. An tum dan tlangpui han tarlang leh ila:

  • Quality improvement: Coffee rah lawh chungchangah te, a pho ro dan te, a dah that dan te leh industry-a an sawngbawl dan te, tunlai khawvelin an tihdan changkang ber ber chawk luh
  • Senso (Production Cost) tlem zawka thar chhuah
  • Khawvel market demand ang zel a coffee siam chhuah pawh tihdanglam
  • Scientific, modern bawksi leh tlo zawk tura coffee siamchhuah leh thawnchhuah (export) lama hma la thei tur thangtharte train chhuah
  • Thingpui in hnam an ni a, coffee an ram mipui maktaduai sawmriat chuang coffee in mi tih pun.
  • Tunah hian 1 hectare (tin hnih leh a chanve hmun)-ah 4000kg te an thar a, 5000kg thar tir an tum. Tunlai hian international market-ah coffee rah hi 1kg ah Rs. 35 a ni a, chutiang rate-a chhut chuan tin khat hmunah Rs.56,000 vel an lei tihna a nih chu (India ramah hian chawhrualin 1 hectare-ah 1000kg vel kan thar ve chauh a, Bualpui vela coffee plantation-ah khuan 1 hectare-ah 2000kg vel kan thar thei a ni). Tunah hian Bangalore Coffee Auction Centre-ah chuan Arabica variety hi 1kg ah Rs.100 vel a ni.
  • Vietnam rama coffee rah pho ro kan han tar lan khi robusta variety man a ni a, Arabica variety man hi chu a let in a to a ni.



Ngopa hi kanu leh pa seilenna khua an ngaih tawp theih loh ani. Ngopa chengkawl, thingthupui, ba-ne, engkim mai Ngopa lam thil te hi tui an ti em em bik, an sawi nin theih loh khua a ni. Kapa kum 90 mi nen ka nu damlaia hlim taka an inlemna hmun kan pan chuh – kapa rilru tur ka hrethiam. An inneih Jubili pawh khan Ngopa atanga an thiante  lokal zing ami, kapa thianpa leh sipai tanpui,  an vanglai a kanu  rimpuitu ngei mai Upa Engliana’n thu a rawn sawi te leh kapa thusawi te kha ka hrechhuak uaih uaih mai. Mum & Dad In Love @ Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Ka nu leh pa te kum 50 leh 60 inneih chama an thlalak ka’n tar bawk ang e.

mum & Dad @ Their 50th & 60th Anniversary

Kan pi leh pute ve ve thla pawh kan dah law law te’ng  
Grand-paretns fr dad & mum's side

Ngopa ah hian 1966 khan school ka kai ve,Hotupa Tlanga khan veiziak  a phal loh avangin, kei ka lo veikhawr laklawh si a hrehawm ka ti thin hle. Chhunhawlh laiin field-ah sertawk ball kan pet thin  nuam kan ti ve em em. School banah Tuila ah thiante nen Vawmbal-li ah tuichengin kan kal fo mai. Chakai te kan khawrh a kapu tan sairil tlawn hnih ka hawn thin te kha ka hrechhuak. Hmunnghak lamah Lura hovin lawi kan han khalh fo bawk – Bemi chunga chuan kha kan hreh, a tar tawh si, a zang a hriam avangin  chuan a nuamlo kan ti vek mai, Puki kha a tuai mum nalh  avangin a chung chuan a nuam thung. Tumkhat chu Hmunnghak kan thlen hma-in lawi ho kha an rawn thlanchhe haw hum hum maia, a hnunglam ami kha Keite-in a tai a lo hamthlak sak chu lo niin, Sakei hahum te kha daihnai han pelh hi chuan a ri dur dur mai thin, an rem ta ni maw?

1972 nipui chawlh laiin kapu damlo kanin Pa Thangzama nen kapu kan han kan-a, Pawlrang chhuk EGS road zim em em mai, Jeep kawi zawh lohna te pawh a awm nual mai, thing balcony rawp  chhe deuh ah chuan keini Jeep bracket-a in uaitang ho chu kan zuang thla sap sap zel. Kapu kha ailaidum chiah khan an enkawla a bet rei hle, a thla a thla a bet hnathawk theilo-in. Kapu dam tha silo kani Vanchhungi leh Raltawni te chiah khan Lungding rama kapu lo chu an thlo, kanite hlo kan thlawh pui ve lawp lawp kha Ngopa-a hlo ka thlawh ve chhun chu ani ta mai.

1973 khan Tuila kam phaizau kapu (Upa Vanthuama)  leilet buh chhek puiin Ngopa ah ka zin leh. Kapu lawichal Pathenga la damlai kha ania, a tar deuh tawh nain buh tin 6 te kan phurh tira Tuila atangin kan khalh chho thin. Zanah Lura te Zosiama te leh thian dang te nen Ngaisangi d/o Chuaukunga (Upa Dawngzuala thiannu) kan rima, tingtang khawlaia perh pahin “Aw lunglen curfew karah hian” tih hla leh hladang tamtak kal paha kan sak thin te khan lung ava tileng ve le. Khang hunlaia Tingtang perh thiam ho kha chuan “Chengkawl bial an hip ngailo” tih beat kha an hmang deuh ngei ngei Calypso tih vel erawh V. Hmuna te ho khan a hnulamah an rawn thiam chho.

Zan dangah nula tui kan chawi pui – tuium an phur lo Jerrycan hnam a khirin nula te’n an phurh thin laiin mipa in ko-in kan pu thung. Kapu bathlara paho phawk deuh Pa Lungkhama leh adangte khan ka tuichawi pui apiang kha ” Duha chhuah miah suh aw …” tiin min fiama an nui dar dar thin. Biaksiami (tleirawl) zaithiam kan farnu tui ka chawipui tuma Salvation biakin bul favai paihnaa min nek thlatu kha tutak ni maw?

1973 Mas Ngopa-ah hman tum em em a ka awm laiin ka lung a leng thut maia  December ni 23-ah Changzawl ka pan, kani pasal Pu Biakthanga (Chamteii pa) te inah riak pheiin, a tuk-ah Tuivawl kanin chho ulh tawk kal hnu-ah Sihfa hma takah ka thleng. Sipai Captain kha saptawng inti thiam takin chuan ka dil a, Sihfa atangin Army Jeep hnung Jerrycan petrol an paina bulah thu-in Keifang-ah min dah, motor min chanpui. Zero Point atangin truck hnungah Mas hla sa thla dup dup-in urlawk zan chuan Aizawl ka thleng.

Ka lunglen lutuk ka haw chhan lah chu keini ai senior kamding-in kan telve rual lohin a lo hauh khur mai si – Aw Ngopa-ah khan la cham hle hle ila ka tih te kha tun Hawrunpui hian a lo thar chuaih chuaih mai nia le.

Hawrunpui hmang turin mi sang chuangin ni 16/1/2013 khan Ngopa kan pan khawm chur chur mai le.

Hawrunpui 2-13 Sticker

Hetiang hian Hawrunpui 2013 chu kan hmang –

16/1/2013 ah kawtchhuahah nula leh tlangval te’n min lo hmuak, zanriah eikhamah Inlawmna hun hlimawm tak kan hmang.

Ngopa YMA zaipawl an thiam hle.
YMA Zaipawl Inlawm ZanNgopa nula Zomuanpuii leh midangte an zai bawk. Saipaite te’n min tihlim hle.

Hawrunpui denchhen in Monument cum Watch Tower bialtu MLA leh Minister Pu H. Rohlunan a hawng.

Monument Tower 

Lalzidinga Ngopa LalMonument cum Watch Tower pawn leh chhungah granite plate ah kan hmangaih kan nghilhloh  te hriatrengna kan tar. Rs 50K, 20K, 10K leh 0.5K man te ani. Mi 44 in kan tar, la tar belh zel tum an tam mai. Bsi2

Chhungte leh thiante in hrang hranga tukthuan kan eikhamah muangmarin Chhung Inkhawm hun kan hmang.Thusawi tawi, tawngtai rual, zai leh fiamthu hun te’n a zui. Tuari leh Suna te an che, Naemi leh midangte an zai tha hle.    
YMA Zaipawl

  1. Chhung Inkhawm @ SelfNgopa khaw thlalak hlui

Chawhnu ah Sports Complex football ground puitling  ah Ngopa thalai an inkhel, martial arts an entir bawk. Chumi zawh chuan Ngopa United (keini ho) leh Ngopa City te’n ball pet kan hlimpui hle

Ngopa United Ball Pet ThiamNgopa City Ball Pet ThiamNgopa United Dr Dawnga & Self

Hawng hote’n hmun hran hranah zanriah kan kil leh hnu-ah Thalai Zan hman ani. Hei zet chu Active Sound line array kimchang nen Concert turu ber ani tawp mai. Lemchan tawi pawh a hmunawm aimahin a bengvar thlak. Mahni intodelh ram, khua, chhungkua, mimal angin a pawimawh thu leh thalaite mahni tana chakai khawrh ngar ngar tura fuihna thu ka sawi ve. Zanlai thleng thelhin thalai an lam mup mup laiin mahni khaw zai ngeia Lengkhawm ho pawh Pathian thu leh zaia inpawlna hun tha tak an lo hmang bawk.   Jess BeyondDrama Nula Rim titiNgopa kum 80 tlinna zing ni (18/1/2013) a lo chhuak  Field-ah mipui sang tel kan pungkhawm. Jubili Lawmna inkhawm hlimawm tak zai fiamthu leh thusawi tawi te kan ngaihthla.

Usher pawh an nalh hlawm e.

Usher Malsawmi

Jubili lawm ni hian Mizo inchei a nalh deuh deuh ho Pi Lalthai’n lawmman a pe hlawm.
Mizo inchei

Thlurhnih zai a rawn ri kan chai kan lam kan nui ri hawk hawk ava nuam em.Mizo inchei pholang thei ang bera inchei tur tih anih avangin keipawh ka nalh ve hle.Chai @ Thlurhnih Zai

Lam thiam Laia leh Chamteii

Laia leh Chami te an han lama Pu Kapsanga’n a vanglai a ngai Thlurhnih hla a rawn hril – chheiraw mipui kan tho hut maia, kan chai kan chheih kan khek PC Vanlalnghaki a Hallelui taksa chetna nen a rawn chheih. Nuam kan ti kan hlim mange Hawrunpui chu.


Ruai buatsaih nghah pahin Airshow (Drone) neih ani a thlawk a leu a vir a tum a thlawkchhuak leh Ngopa chungah a kual video in thla a la vek bawk, a hmuhnawm ngei mai.

 Ngopa town view from toyplane

Ruai mi 7000 chuangin kan theh. Sial 3 bawng 2 vawk 17 leh adangte kan talh. Fatu hoin belchhun-ah chhum chawp zelin, chaw sa vat vat mipui min eitir vek kan puar kan fan kan tlai. Sa bel sawm zet a la bang,

Ruai Mipui

Khawvel ram hrang hrang ka fang ve tawh an ei-in tuihnai ka tem nasa, he Hawrunpuia sesa anga tui ka tih hi ka la ei ngailo hrim hrim. Ka puar ka fan, tuitilo an awmlo. Zanah Hotupa Dawla inah thianho-in kan thlirlet ,nawn kan chak, kan sep rawtui. kan tu kan fa Ngopa la hmu ngailo kalho lah in nuam an ti.

Ruai Paris

Tlaiah chhungte leh mi kan ral kual hnu-in Inthlahna hun kan hmang, zai leh lamin zanlai pel thakin thalai leh pavalai ho Inthlah zanah an lam tawp theilo ani ber. In thlah zanah Ngopa Hawrunpui Special buletin Information & Publicity sub-comtt. Buatsaih ‘NGOPA LEE AVA NUAM BERR’ tih chu Pu Vanzamluaia NHOC Secretary Aizawl in a pho chhuak. Hemi hnu hian  Jess Beyond te’n Ngopa an Rock tir ani ber mai. Nuam kava ti berrr tih leh Ngopa leee tih a ri zing hle.

Jess Beyond

ConertHreh tak leh la thlahlel tak chungin ni 19/1/2013 chuan Hawrunpui hlimawm lunglen thlak tak kan hman zawhah kan hawng leh ta dial mai. A zawngchhang tlakin ava lunglen thlak em. An luang a leng ve ngei ang.

Tower leh Banner


Raltiang Kai Nan

Mizoram hi hma sawn dawrh tur chuan administrative reforms / overhauling a ngai. Kan sawrkar hian post pawimawh luah tur hian tunge tha ber ang tih ah hian thutlukna a siam thin dan hi tih danglam a ngai. Kalphung thar selection dan mumal tak zam a ngai a ni.

Heng kalphung thar turah hian prominent citizen te leh thil chik zirmi te’n rawtna an siam ve theihna pawh duan a tul hle ani. Heng post pawimawh luah thei tur Empanelment pawh hi siam ngei nise. Empanelment Committee hian Merit dik taka panel an siam theih nan dan leh hrai mumal nei ngei sela.

Kan state Finance Secretary tur hian finance principle leh emerging trend leh product hre tak ni ngei sela. Chutiangin Industry ani emaw Tourism ani emaw te pawh.

Tuna kan kalphung ah hi chuan Central leh state sawrkar in tihtur min tuk ti thei tur hian kan phar buai tawk hle maia – hemi pela min kalpui thei hi level hrang hrang ah department hrang hrang hian kan mamawh ani.

A tul chuan – Mizoram Transport Authority din ni sela chumi te chuan tuna PWD, Transport, Supply, Traffic Police leh Aviation hna te hi hma vek mai sela. Minister pakhat Secretary pakhat hnuaiah Modern Corporate kal dan in kalpui ni sela. Mamawh miah loh tur staff tamtak heng department in a chhawm luh tur ho hi VRS in bye bye hmak ni sela.

Rawtna duh duh tan thehluh theih ani e

Eco-Tourism Package One – Destination Tamdil Lake Circuit

Day One Arrival day, Cultural evening and sing song.

Day Two After breakfast proceed to man made lake Tam-dil 3hrs drive from Aizawl(75Kms). On the way you will experience typical Mizoram roads – up down zig zag drive and lots of wild and mild scenery full of rain-cuts. At Keifang road side restaurant take Mizo fast food – avoid hot and highly pungent bird-eye chillies unless you have metalic digestive system. Donot forget to buy fresh fruits from nearby street vendor. After another half hour drive you will be there at Tam Dil resort (15Kms). Explore the beauty if lucky you may spot rare bird species. Collect rafting gear for the next day.

Day Three After breakfast and half hour drive down you will be dropped at Tuivawl river (20Kms). Leave all your belongings to the SUV dicky, the vehicle will go to fetch you downstream which is 80Km long and bumpy drive through paved and unpaved rough (dirt) road from Suangpuilawn Kai. After bamboo rafting for 2 hrs break for refreshment and view bamboo rain forest both sides of the river. Avoid grabbing drift woods. Another 2 hr rafting you will take Mizo lunch – wrapped in wild banana leaf, different soups in bamboo mugs on the river bank. Volunteer in Mizo attire with their shy-smile will offer you water in Tuithawl. Board the SUV drive up to 6000ft above MSL Chalfilh hill top Resort. Donot miss taking sunset lit Mawmrang hill range and with a good zoom you may be able to capture Lengteng famous peak, haven for wildlife near Ngopa village. By night you will see twinkling spotted lights – these are villages scattered all over and the big one on the west will be Aizawl city.

Day Four OPTION Adventure : Get your trekking gear, insect repelant, camera and go trek for 8 hrs thick rain forest exploration. Once you are in there is no chance of going back. You will be amazed. From the foot hill drive to Sesawng (30Kms) for night halt.

Day Four OPTION Mountain Biking : Get your bike and gear from the SUV and head to nearest village called Buhban through thick forest. Mountain Bike down to Khawruhlian (15Kms) and rest to take Mizo lunch. Continue to bike down to Tuirini Kai (20Kms), where this river merges with Tuirial to flow down to Bay of Bengal. After this your biking effort will be more tiring as you have to go up up and up until you reach night halt place at Sesawng (10Kms).

Day Five/Six After rest and visit of Zawlbuk head back to Aizawl(45Kms) to stress relief at massage parlor. Explore local restaurant for dinner to rejoin farewell show. You will be escorted back to Lengpui airport.

Hmuifang Trail Eco-Tourism

Hmuifang hill is about 5000ft high above mean sea level. The hill range runs north to south and most of the western side is almost vertical and could be quite challenging for adventure tourists for Rock climbing.

One can reach Aizawl by daily flight from Kolkata/Guwahati and take three hours drive from Aizawl airport to Hmuifang Resort. One can either stay in the cottages or make shift tent available for hire.

Activity’s suggested:
1. Mountain Biking: Rent Bike from the Tourist Resort and follow any of the following Trails
a) Trail One:Biking to the hill top and Hmuifang/Chawilung /Sumsuih/Thiak village for amateurr
b) Trail Baktawng 6 hours biking required and on the way visit Mr Zion’s families who is having more than 50 wives

World's biggest family

World’s biggest family

c) Trail Sialsuk : 8 hours Biking. First stop @ Sialsuk town and goto Ngei-ngei-tlang Romantic Spot and further down to River Changte and halt for lunch. Biking up and up to Damdiai and back to Hmuifang Resort.

d) Trail Lungleng 8 hours Bike to Lungleng village on way back to Aizawl

2. Walking Trail : Walk to nearby village and share experiences with shy villagers, if lucky the YMA can show you cultural dances. Nearby villages are –

    • Hmuifang  one km

  • Sumsuih two km
  • Chawilung five km
  • Thiak six km
  • Maubuang 10 km
  • Sateek 20 km
  • Baktawng 30 km
  • Sialsuk 35 km

3. Bio-diversity trekking : One can explore flora and fauna and rare tropical insects and animals. This rare Redneck Keelback a non-venomous snake

can also be found around the Resort. For expert rare amphibians and lizards can also be seen. One has to be ready to to trek down to River Changte or small stream in the eastern valleys to have deeper exploration.

4. Home Stay : If you are anytarian you can join the villagers as guest but be ready to join their food habits. Could be interesting for those having strong palette

5. Volunteering : You can join “Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Network (BIOCONE)”  an upcoming NGO based in Aizawl, involved in  environmental protection and maintenance of Clean Mizoram.

USA Zin Kawng

Kamkeuna: Ka Zin Kawng Part – IV hi ziak turin thian te’n min phut fiam avangin ziak tum tawh lemlo khan kan thar thawh leh hnuhnawh a. Ziakmi ni ta lo chu a phelh deuh nuaih anih pawhin remkhawm dan tal he thu chhiartute chuan in lo nei mai dawn nia. Thu fahrah te te ka la hriat ngai loh ka zep tel nuala, thil tamtak ka hriat belh ani. A hma lama ka lo ziak tawh te hi chu a link atanga hawn theih turin siam ani.

Zin Kawng Part-I : Hetah hian zin tura mahni fel taka in organize tul thu te thailan pahin foreign zin dawna mahni chuanna tur airlines ten bungraw ken an phal rih zawng leh suitcase ken an phal zat te a rih zawng bituk te bakah suitcase size an phal chin te online a information tul tul hriat a pawimawh thu te pawh ka ziak.

Zin kawng Part-II : Hetah hian Kolkata airport atanga Delhi kan tum thlak leh Delhi atanga New York darkar 15 zet kan thlawh hnua JFK airport kan tum thu te, JFK pui zia te ka ziah pahin, zin thang lo zam ve fe fe ka tawn thu te pawh ka thai lang.

Zin Kawng Part-III : Hetah hian Pittsburgh khawpui lian vak ni si lo infrastructure an lo neihpui zia te ka thlen zanin ka ziaka, picture tlem ka dah bawk. He khawpui hi luipui pathum infinna bula cheta awm hian G-20 Summit te pawh thleng zo ve a khaw hmun leh hmai an lo neih that thu te pawh ka ziak bawk. Luipui ral lehlam kaina tur Bridge mawi tak tak za chuang fe an nei. A ram hi tlangram rai tak ani deuh vek na a an kawngpui te chu zau hem hem tak tho ani.

USA zin chhan ber : Ka fanu neih chhun, unau mipa vek kara seilian, pasal neih hmang tura kal kan ni a. Mizo dan leh zia lantir ngei ka duh bawk avanginKa fanu ban phak chin chin-ah Mizo inneihna dan leh hrai te ka dap bawk a. Inneihna hmun hi First Presbyterian Church, Beaver, Pensylvania state tho, Pittsburgh khaw bul maia awm a ni. Pastor inneih tirtu hian inneih hma thla ruk vel atang khan counselling uluk takin a neih pui vawi sawm dawn dawn lai. Rehearsal hi inneihna tur Biakin ngeiah min neih pui thlap bawk. Chubakah rehearsal dinner mipa lam leh hmeichhe lam chhungte mi 30 zet inhmelhriat tawnna ni pahin Pastor hovin kan nei bawk. FavorsHe rehearsal dinner ah hian kan nu’n Mizo puan a ken Jasona chhungte leh thiante zawng duhsakna (favors) a ken chu hlan a ni.Sap ho tihdan phung pangngaiin kan makpa tur Jasona nu leh pa te chenna-ah hmeichhe lam leh mipa lam chhungte in hmelhriat tir nan dinner an siamah kan chhungin kan va tel bawk.
Jasona parent te in tual
He dinner ah hian Italian thlah kal zel an nih avangin Italian food min hlui kher nghe nghe. Keini hmeichhe lam pawhin Mizo dinner hi siam ve tura ngaih kan nih laiin, kan fate Visa hmuh tlai vangin chingit leh behlawi rep hlui kan tumte, harsa taka Aizawl atanga vawksa rep leh baibing ka ken te leh vai hmarchate siam kan tum ve te, ar sawh chiar kan tumte kan tive thei ta lo erawh ka inthiamlo hle.

Inneih Chhawng : Mizo dana man inhlan ngei ka phut avangin April ni 15 chhun dar 12 khan ka fanu man chu ka tel ve ta. Kan makpa tur hi Jason Furgiuele ani a, Jasona patea leh a nuteii pasal te’n an nupui te hruai ve ve in iptechei ak chungin kan fanu in luah chu an lo lut ve hlawl maia. Jasona nu leh pa te’n an rawn tawiawm bawk. 420 man

USA tangka 420 Jasona pate-a’n min hlan a, a nu laizawn pasal in thingpui lumna tur iptechei-a a dah min hlan bawka. Mizo inneih dan hmanlai leh tunlai tihdan te, British ho in min run hnua Missionary lo lutin Kristiana min siam hnua kan ram than dan leh tunlai kan inneih kalphung leh kan Customary Law te ka hrilh bawka. Hming ziak ngaite kan ziak fela, thutphah atan $20 kan kir bawka, thutphah awmzia te ka sawi fiah bawk. Kan makpa tur Jason-a chu zawlpuan
zawlpuankan han sin tir pahin “Mizo danin kan fanu hi a i ta ani ta a lo boral hmasa anih pawhin he puan ngei hian i tuam anga, nang i lo boral hmasa palh theia chuvangin he zawlpuan ngeia ka fanu ruang tuamtu tur i ruat pawh a ngai ang” tih kan sawi lai chuan Jasona nu Vicky chu a insum zo lo a mittui a sur zung zung mai. Kan nun Bible a chhiar a tawngtai zawhin thingpui te kan han in ho ve a, hemi zan hian chhungkaw inhriat tawnna dinner an buatsaih avangin hmanhmawh takin min tin san ta phawt maia.

First Presbyterian Church : Pastorin rehearsal-ah hmeichhe lam chanvo nei ho kha chu Inneih ni ni 17 April 2010 Hun ruat darkar khat vela hmaah thleng turin min tih angin, ka tupa Mathew Vanlalpeka nen kan thleng hmasa bera. Wedding Coordinator khan veilam luhna ah khan min hruai luta. “Khalai step ah khan chhuk ula midang lo nghak ta che u” a tih angin kan zu chhuk thla a. Darthlalang hnunglam lang vek theia enna tur rem taka siam te a awm bakah inthiarna thianghlim em em five star hotel vel ami ang hi a lo awm bawka. Tui in tur leh snacks bakah sweet an lo chhawp bawka. “A tul tur hi chu sap ho hi chuan an va hre tak em” ka ti rilru a.

Mo leh mo thian “maid of honor” an lo thleng zuia an incheina te chu an han siam tha mawlh mawlh a. Programme kal dan indawtin tarlang mai ila –

1. Mopa Jason Furgiuele leh Best man Gene Felice II te chu Biakin luhna dinglam panga an awm tur an ni thung, mo leh mopa hi inneihni hian inhmu hmasa thei lo turin an ruahman a. Mopa pawh hian monu thawmhnaw incheina hi a la hmu miah lo bawk. Mipui pawh an kim tlai dar thum chiah a rik khan Biakin piano chu mawi em em maiin a rawn ri a, puithu takin veilam luhna kawngkapui atangin John Marshal (Jasona thianpa) leh kan fapa Fredy te’n Lighting Candles hun neiin Maicham sir ve ve a candles a bawra awm chu an han chhi a.

2. Unity candle hi Maicham laiah pathum a awma chumi a sir ve ve vei lam zawk candle kan nu Pari’n a chhi a, Jasona nu Vicky in a dinglam a chhi ve thung.

3. Music rik dan a inthlaka mopa leh a thianpa an lo luta an dinna tur Maicham hmaah an ding fel chiah tihin monu thian Caroline Lalramnghaki a veilam kawngkapui atanga lutin maicham hma a dinna hmun a pan thla a. Maid of honor zui hian Ring Bearer Mathew Vanlalpeka, ka tupa chuan lukham var te reuh te mawi taka chei kengin muangchangin a lut ve bawka. Flower Girl Faith Vanlaldini chu a nu Pinky-in a kai thla bawka, pangpar basket te reuh te mawi taka che a khai a. An vai hian mipui lam hmachhawnin an lo ding thap mai.

4. Inneihtirtu Rev. Jeff Arnold chu a inpeih hle ta, music a inthlak “Here Comes the Bride” tih music a rawn rik veleh mipui an dinga hnunglam thlirin an hawi thap lai chuan; ka fanu chu muangchangin a pasal tur kuta hlan turin Maicham lam panin aisle-ah chuan ka kalpui ta a, mipui zawng zawngin kan lam hawia min lo en thup mai chu ka zam chem chem mai. Kan vaiin Pastor awmna lam Maicham kan hawi veka, Pastor chuan hlim hmelpu sang hian “He inneihna thianghlima Amy Vanlalthlamuani teltirna thu hi tu tihthluk nge?” tih min zawta kei chuan “kan chhungkaw thutlukna ani e” tia ka chhan zawh chuan Pastor chuan Jasona hnenah ka fanu min hlan tir pahin ka fanu kut leh Jason kut ka invawn tir rual chuan Jasona hnenah zawi sap hian “She is yours now” ka ti a. Hei hian Jasona nupui ni turin a kutah ka fanu chu ka hlan phal ani tih a entir. Jasona chuan zawi sapin Mizo tawng ngei maiin “Pa Duh ka lawme” a ti a, Pastor tawite-in a tawngtai zawh chuan innei tur leh an thiante tih loh chuan kan thutna lam ka pan san ta a.

5. Bible chang thlansa Ephesi 5:21-33 chu Mary Waithanji, ka fanu lehkha zirpui leh inluahpui thin, chuan a chhiara. Pastorin Sermon tawi tha tak “Inneihna hmasa ber chu Eden huanah ani a, Lal Isua leh Kohran pawh hi innei an ni chutiangin nupa nun ah hian hmachhawn tur tamtak a awm an hre chho zel ang. An inrim laia an hriat loh zawng zawng a chhia a tha an hre chho vek dawna harsatna an tawh hunah Pathian hnenah an thlen chuan Kristian chhungkua tha tak an din ang ” tih thu a sawi zawh chuan inneih thuchham a chham tir mawlh mawlh nghala. Pastor chuan Jasona chu “He inneihna thianglhim i hriatreng na tur leh chhinchhiah nan enge i rawn ken a ti a Mopa chuan “Zungbun”
wedding ring a ti a Ring Bearer in a kenna ngei ah khan zungbun chu a dahin Mopa thian chuan Pastor a hlan a, zungbun an in bun tir zui nghala. Chutiang chiah chuan Mo pawh chuan a zung bun ken chu Mopa chu a buntir vel leh a.

6. Pastorin nupa tuakthar te chu mal a sawm zawhin Unity Candle pathum zinga a lai ami chu Mopa leh Mo chuan an han chhi ve leh a. Declaration of marriage chu Pastorin a puan pahin Mopa hnenah “You may kiss the bride” a ti a kut mipuiin kan lo benga. Malsawmna in inneih inkhawm a khar zawh chuan kut insuih rialin Biakin kawngkapui dinglam an pan ta a. An thian ten phur em em maiin “Wedding Bell” atan Biakin dar chu an tiri a. Biakin chei zawng zawng hi kan nu leh U Biak Chhunga fate ho chei vek ani a, Biakin piano chungah hian Jasona pu Vincent Furgiuele ( a pa pa), William Pister Jasona nu pa leh ka pu zawn V.L.Lawma boral tawh te hriatreng nan pangpar kan nu in a khawia tihian a inziak “Whom are not here to share in this special day and are clearly missed” tih tar tel ani.
Jason weds Amy
7. Hmeichhe lam leh mipa lam kha chhungte kan in zui chhuak diah diah a. Pawnah kan lo intlara mipui lo chhuak apiang chibai kan lo buk zela. Hetih lai hian kan fapa tlum ber Vanlalzara chuan mipui lo chhuak apiang kha bur te takte chhem puar (bubble)theih hi a lo pe zela a duh apiangin nupa tuak thar lamah an han chhem puar pap pap bawka. Kan chibai tam ber te’n “Congratulation” an tih deuh vek bakah kan fanu nena an inhriat dan tawite in an sawi deuh vek a “In fanu hi a taima thawhpui a nuam” tih ri chu hriat nuam ka ti hle.

8. Chibai sem zawh hian Biakin chhungah thlala turin kan lut leh a hmanhmawh miah lovin thla kan la. Kan thlalatu hi professional an rawih ani a, a duh apiang tana print theih turin an company website-ah an dah dawna. India ram atang pawha print kan order theih tur thute thlalatu chuan min hrilh. Inneihna a mipa coat hma-a tar tur rose hi avaiin ka fanu siam ani tih photoographer in a hriat chuan “hetianga talented fanu i nei hi i vannei mahni wedding a pangpar arrange hi ka hriat hmasakna ber ani ” a tih chuan min ti lawm zual hle.

Mo Lawmna ruai : Mo lawmna hmun hi The Club at Shadow Lakes, Aliquippa ani, Pittsburgh chheh vel ah pawh an club changkang pawl ani ve pha awme. Hmun nuam tak mai hetiang atana duan a chheh vel zawng zawng chu golf khelhna tura siam hring dup mai an enkawl uluk ani tih hriat ngawih ngawih hi ani a. A ruam laiah dil thianghlim em em hi a awm a, a hmun in a tlin zen zawn bawka car park te chu a zau kher mai. A hmun an chei vel dan han en hian India rama five star hotel aimahin a furnishing te chu an uluk zawk niah ka ngai deuh a.

Reception hall kan luh dawn hian kan hming awmna kha kan table no tur zawnah a lo intlar thap maia. A thleng hnuhnung kan ni a an lo thu khat deuh vek tawh a. Kan table kha No.2 ania tuakthar te leh an thiante kha kan sir chiah table No. 1 ah an thu thung. Kan table ah hian Pastor leh a nupui te Jasona patea te nupa leh Jim & Vicky Furgiuele leh keini nupa kan thu. Tikhan mahni in duh zawng kan va lama, snacks chi hrang hrang an sem reng bawka.Jasona pa Jim-a hian a fapa pian hlima Jasona pu in Wine a bilh kum 30 aia upa kha a rawn kenga, heihi “kapa boral tawhin Jasona nupui neih huna hawn tura a bilh ania” tiin kan dawhkanah chuan a rawn hung a. ”Wine upa anih avangin hawn thawt deuh reng phawt tur ani a nakinah a tawp lamah kan in dawn nia” a ti a. Sap ho hi chu an pui mange aw ka ti rilru a.

DJ khan music a play kha titawp thut, “nupa tuakthar te an lokal dawn e” a ti a, inchhawng chung lam atang chuan an rawn chhuka kut kan lo beng dar dara. Cake te an han zaia an inbarh zawh chuan

DJ chuan “nupa tuak thar first dance i lo thilr ang u” a ti a, kan thlir thup chung chuan an zak em em tih hriat hian an han lam ta zan zan maia. Hemi zawh hian mopa thianpa in thu a sawia – an naupan lai atanga an lo puitlin chhoh thlenga an chanchin tha lai leh an tuipui inthlak danglam dan te leh nuihzat thlak lai te thiam takin a sawi zawhah nupa tuak thar te tan tiin a wine glass chu an chawisanga kan no ken theuh chu kengin kan han zawm ve hlawm a. Maid of Honor-in thu a sawi ve leha, Mo nen naupan laia Mary Mount School an kal atanga thian in vuan St Paul’s High School-a kal chho ho zel an nih dan te leh Kotagiri a XII science an zir dun zel chanchin leh movie an enho an hlim thin dan te a sawi ve leh a.

“Tunah father of the bride thusawi hun” tiin DJ chuan min han ko chhuak ve leha, chuta ka thusawi tlangpui chu –

Reverend Pastor, Ladies and Gentlemen,
speech of father of the bride
I am very happy to see and meet you all here on this very special day. I want to greet you in our Mizo custom, Chibai. The British called us head hunters, yes we were, used to have village chiefs and our tribes used to shift villages from hills to hills prior to 19th Century but now thanks be to God we are almost 100% Christian and we are into main stream of modern civilization. The British invaded us in the year 1871, attacking us from three fronts one from Burma side and the other from Bangladesh and the third from mainland India and the missionary followed in and now the globalization. I am proud to have a new son, that too from a great country like America. My daughter is blessed with husband thank you all for joining us in the happiest moment of our life.

My daughter informed me she’s in love and told me about Jason, I told her fine it’s OK I am happy while my wife was reluctant. I know my wife is very possessive, she wants to be # 1 rank all the time and she is jealous that her kids could love someone more than her. We are very close knit family.

I would like to introduce Rev Biak Chhunga and his family. Amy would not have been what she is today without ever ending encouragement and support from her uncle Rev Biak Chhunga and his wife.

Our main worry to join my daughter’s greatest day was getting US Visa and it’s not easy, It was through the generous help of Jim and Vicky Furgiuele our whole family are here today, thank you very much indeed. At one point of time we thought only my wife and I will be attending this wedding. We prayed, God answered our prayers and we are here today in the midst of beautiful new friends and relatives. Even my eldest son Andy is making it today (kut an beng dur dur mai. God is never late and still on time even today, Praise be the Lord.

I was warned not to give long speech and am into this kind of regimented advice all my 33 years of wedded life, (an nui ham ham) thank you Pari. I on behalf of my family welcome all the relatives and friends who have joined us to celebrate Jason & Amy’s wedding. I know that many of you have travelled long distances to be here. Thank you all for coming to help celebrate this very special day. As I look around this hall, I realise how many friends Jason and Amy’s have and I hope that you all have a wonderful evening.

Today I must declare that I am the proudest dad in the world to have accompanied Amy today in the Church. I am sure you will all agree that she looked stunning. Amy was the only female among my five kids, she learnt the hard way to grow up with four naughty brothers (an nui leh dar dar) and at the end she always won. Pari and I are both very proud of how she looks today and how she has grown up, and we both are very pleased that she has found someone who she loves and cares so much for.

Although we have not known Jason and his family long, we know they love our daughter as much as we do, we are so very happy. Jason came to our place twice and he is cool, knowledgeable and elaborate in all the things he does, both Pari and I think he is everything a parent could hope for in a son in law.

May they be blessed with happiness that grows and with love that lasts and a peaceful life together. I wish them enjoyment for today, the fulfilment of all their hopes and dreams for tomorrow and love and happiness always.

Jason and Amy now you are entering a new era of married life, it’s quite challenging, I wish and pray for success and happiness in the days to come. May almighty God continue to shower His blessings. I would like to conclude in my language Fanau maltluan chawiin dam reng ang che u.”

Ka lawm ve em em na chu USA a kan fanu man eitu ho lokal te leh keini chhungkaw ho kha Jasona chhungte aiin kan thahnem zawka. Jasona leh Amy te hian an mi sawm zawng zawng mi 130 vel an lo kalkim deuh vek bawk te hi.Jasona leh Amy thiante ho phur taka an lam lai chuan DJ in kan fapa Biakin inneih rawn nang chiaha lo thleng, Andy Vanlalremltuanga chu zai turin a sawma Bee Gees ho hla “To Love Somebody” Andy’s Cover TO LOVE SOMEBODY
nalh takin a Michael Bolton version ang deuhin a rawn sa chu reception hall chu a reh chiang kher mai. Ku beng thawm pawh a tha ham ham khawp mai Jim Furgiuele phei chuan chang an tum raih kha. Kan ri laih laiha lam ho an lam reng bawka DJ in “Mo in pangpar a vawr dawn” a tih veleh nula ho an kalkhawma ka

fanu Amy Furgiuele chuan an vawr ta a, dawn tum em em a inring karah an zuang sup sup a mo thian a hnung lam bera ding Caroline-in a dawn haluh mai chu le, an au nasa kut an beng dur dur mai. engtihna nge mawnile tia ka zawh chuan “hei hian pasal nei hmasa ber tur tih a entir mo lawma lokal zingah” an ti a, tak tak nimaw, kei lah ka lo hre ngai lem lova.

Hlim taka dinner kan eizawh chuan mipui zawng zawng hmuhah step-ah an chho leh a, hemi hma hian tumah an haw lo. Keini pawh kan nupa in kan han chho ve a kan nu’n “last hug” tia insum tih hriat taka kan fanu pasal min neih san ta a thlah chu ka lawm rualin ngaihtuah a thui duh
Last hug vang vang khawp mai. Heng kan hun tawn zawng zawng ah hian Pathian hnenah lawmthu ka sawi mawlh mawlh mai.

USA atanga lokal mizo thiante nen kan thlenin-ah kan pheia zan tairek thlengin hlim takin kan sawiho. Kei pa rualpawllo tak hian hetiang inneihna hi ka la tel ngai lova thil thar tamtak ka hriat ve phah a ni.

Nghilh lohna Par

June 15th, 2009 10:47 pm
LINK misual

Sam ang then ni te hi,
Lo herchhuak leh thin e,
Ami leng tawnah hian
Tuar dan hril thiam awm maw?
Duhlai leng zing zin tur
Hnahnem hling par an hlan,
Nghilhloh nan ser ang chang thei tak maw?

Nghilhloh ngaihhrui thu di
Thlun nan lo par chhuak e
Inthen ni lo her chang lunglen damte’n thawi nan
Vangkhaw sira se-dai theuva pal kara’n
Thliahlai nghakin a lo par pawl riai.

He hla hi Pahlira Sena Chawngthu phuah a ni a. A phuah chhan hi a sawichhuak lo na in, rinthu in kan thianhovin kan bawl phuan trhina. Nuam kan tiin kan lungleng lutuk hi kan mittui te a tla deuh ti-tih thei nia. Hmanlai kan nu leh pa te hunah khan sipai tan an intih-hmuh hle a. Sipai kal tur hi chuan am takin an bialnu te an rim thin. An chhutri lo hawng kal leh tur phei chu an lungleng zual viau zel. Sipai bansan phah pawh sawi tur an tam.

Chutia sipai tang tur chu an bialnu ten an lo hawng leh ngei ang em tih hi, beisei si beisei lo ang reng bawk siin, in ngaihhrui emaw in theihngilh loh nan emaw, an zin dawn kar-ah, kawldai hling ngei mai hian an han inchhun thin an ti. Kawldai hling chhun hi “a ser duh an lo tih thin” chumi ngei chuan an banah ve ve an han inchhun ta ani. Chumi SER ngei chu an ngaihzawng te nghilh loh nan, lungleng takin an chul, an zut, an en thin ngei ang.

Lehkha thawn lah ziak leh chhiar thiam an tlem avangin, mi chhiar tir a ngai, phone a la awm lo mobile phone-a sms biahthu thawn te phei chu la awm lo chiang si. Hetia an hmangaih a ni tih an in REMIND-na ber chu SER an in-chhun (siam) hi a ni ta a ni.

Sipai tang ho ten an hmuh ngun ber chu hetiang kawldai hling nei ang hi ani. Shillong lam-ah phei chuan tam pawh a tam leh zual. Nalh em em-in palchawi ah an hman hmuh tur a tam ang. Chung karah chuan, kawldai par pawl riai hian khawilam mah a hisap tir lo, an khua se-dai an kanpui, an lawmnu te’n “ka bialpa hi ka pasal ngei tur a ni” ti-a rinawm taka lo nghak tu bak an mithla ka ring thei lo.

Misual ho bawl phawnah, duh leh tunlai mil turin, ka han chhawpchhuak a ni e. Ka lawme.

Submitted on 2009/06/15 at 11:51pm

Nghilh loh nan ser ang ‘cham’ thei tak maw! tih a ni zawk em? Kawldai (forget me not) par pawl riai mai a phuahna mai niin a lang.A hling in chhun tir,kawldai leh sava pahnih,forget me not par leh sipai,Pahlira Sena Chawngthu leh Amar Akbar Anthony tih vel hi ka ngaihtuah buai lo mai te’ng! Kawldai par hla a phuah a, rem leh dik em emin Major leh minor chord in a then hrang a,hla satliah lo tak a ni tih mai hi ka’n sawi rih phawt ange.

Submitted on 2009/06/15 at 11:58pm

A hla thu hi a tha, a thluk pawh a dangdai. A satu hian a sa nalh ka ti vak lo, music arrangement pawh hi a mawi ka tih zawng a ni lem lo, lead guitar phei hi chuan min hruai bo lek lek emawni chu aw? ka ti deuh. Tin, inserted pics leh a hla thu a inzawlna ka hre vak lo. Music beat leh pics inthlak lai hi a ’sync’ tha tawk lo bawk. A satu a lang lem lo nain ‘lips sync’ dik lo deuha zai en a ang ka ti tlat.

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 12:29am

Music & Lyrics a ni hluai nain, a LYRICS lamah mzvision hian mi rawn tibengvar hawk mai. Kawldai-par phuahna satliah —thawka phita P S Chawngthu ngaisang laklawh tawhten a vul mawi thei ang bera he hla hi an lo sawimawi satliah trhinah ka lo ngai thlarawk a … Engineering College chhuakin mi han hrilhfiah ta chiam mai chu … ka va han paw-fuh char char tak em! Lawmthu sawi nan he ka Car thar hi lo thlir ve mai mai ang che —

Tin, sipaia trang, lehkha thiam sang chuang lote khan kan Mizo literature hi an lo chang chiangkuang hle trhin hian ka hria; sipai lungleng di ngai bang thei lo te thawenthu atranga phuah chhuah hlate hian Zofate hi kan lo inawi dup dup mai zawng a nih hi! Khatia kawldai-hling ngei maia Romantic Scar inngaihhruih nachang an lo hria kha —SMS tih vel ai chuan a ril hle zawkin ka hria. A ni lah tak a, Shillong hmun tam takah zing PT Exercise lak pah ringawt pawha an hmuh fo tur KAWLDAI a rawn par pawt lep pawha REMINDER ni ta zel pawh hian … mahni vangkhua lo luah lumtu Di-bawihteii ngaih a tizual hle mai tur chu … hla namai lo tak a lo ni e. Rawn post lo phei la chu, ka ngaihsan phak vak loh hla a la ni reng tur hi a nia! Tunah chuan, i zarah ka tem ve ta feih feih e … a va ril reuh em!

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 12:37am

Sam ang trhen ni te hi,
Lo her chhuak leh trhin e,
Ami leng tawnah hian
Tuar dan hril thiam awm maw?
Duhlai-leng zing zin tur
Hnah nem hling par an hlan,
Nghilh loh nan ser ang cham thei tak maw?

Nghilh loh ngaihhrui thu di
Thlun nan lo par chhuak e
Intrhen ni lo her chang lunglen damte’n thawi nan
Vangkhaw sira sedai theuva pal kara’n
Thliah lai nghakin a lo par pawl riai.

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 1:16am

Vanah khian mihring sulhnu, thil pakhat a awm ve ta. Chu chu Isua nakthawl, kut leh ke-a a SER-te khi an ni.

The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway pawh —a phena thu inphum hailan tum phetin English Criticism kan zir phah ve a —ni thum leh zan thum teh meuh tuipui chunga sangha, harpoon tum leh harpoon hruiin a hrut thler sanghamantu kutphah te, tlang lam pana chau tak chunga a lawng puanzarna ngul (mast) a pu ngawk ngawk dungthulin Nazareth Isua —a kross pu leh hliam tuar, Kalvary tlang pan ta angin kan hmehbel lui hram hram zel ang tho khan —mihringte kutthak a tawrhna SER chu Isua tan leh a chhandam fate tana ROMANTIC SCAR mawi tak a la ni ve ngei dawn a nih tak chu, tiin … P S Chawngthu hla hausakna hak han tihzauh lehzual nan ka rawn belhchhah duh ve hret a ni e. Administrator-te ngaihdan ni vek kher lo mah se, Ka lawm lutuk tho ve.

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 1:42am

Youth Icon an thlan tuma Mîmi Lalzamliani’n a hanga a sak kha a ni a. Recordig puitling emaw uluk taka sak pawh a ni lo va. Tin, a hanga sak a nih avangin a beat vel pawh music tel nghal nena sak nen chuan a inang lo a ni. Mimi Lalzamliani Aw chu youtube atanga lain hetiang hian a music hi hmehbel mai mai a ni a.. Uluk tak leh nalh tak tura tih pawh a ni hran lo. A siamtu hi a lung a leng em a, a han ti thla ve rawk a ni tih hi hriattur a ni..:)

PS/ he hla hi chu Mizopa kutchhuakah chuan nalh dangdai pawl tak niin ka hria. A thu a un nalh a, a thluk a mawi hle bawkin ka hria.

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 2:05am

Tin, sipaia trang, lehkha thiam sang chuang lote khan kan Mizo literature hi an lo chang chiangkuang hle trhin hian ka hria … TIH AWMZIA hi

Mizo tlangval, vai sipaia zu trangte DRAMA IN REAL LIFE kha kan Mizo hmanlai, tunlai hlaah te hian kan phih lut nasa hle a —anniho ber mai khan min lo awi tlei hneh ber trhin niin a lang, ka tihna a ni ber e.

A dawtah chuan kum 1970s chho vela Lalsangzuali Sailo te trhianzaho, Thingsai leh a chhehvel nula leh tlangval rual, Shillong-a zu inzirte khan trhangthar an rawn chawm leh ngawet bawk mai!

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 2:45am

hlaphuahtute hian an phuahchhan mihring te poh an nei a trhen chuan neilo poh an awm ngei ang, an phuahchhan leh a thu in a tum zawng zawng sawifai leng hi a ethical lova sih-hawnna te chu an lo sawi ri hlek trhin mahna 😉

Read between the lines kan ti dawn nge ❓ read beyond the lines kan ti ang 😉 chu chu hla thu bawl phawn tiin kan dah ange. In bawl trha hlawm hle mai, han bawl belh zel teh un.

PS Chawngthu hian a hlate a bu-in a chhuah, a bu ngei a neitu in a roh em em kha ka lo en anga ➡
Nghilh loh nan ser ang cham thei tak maw? OR Nghilh loh nan ser ang chang thei tak maw? ka rawn confirm dawn nia.

@Chawnghilh i bawlphawn belh dan hian miril i nih zia a tilang. Ka lawme

@samuelapa Mimi Lalzamliani’n Youth Icon elimination round (?) a a sak zorunpuia sawi anga music belh anih avangin i sawi hi ka trawm che. Rebecca sak leh Ruati sak te kha Mp3 in ka zawng dahtur ka hmu si lo 😦

Engpohnise a thu hi i bawl belh zel teh ang. Ka lawm e 😀

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 9:25am

Hei hi kan thiannu mission veng nula Lsi , Pu PS Chawngthu te thenawm lawka awmin amah Pu Sena hlabu ngei atanga a copy chhawn ka han tarlang ang e. Tin, he nula hi PS Chawngthua zirtir ngat a ni a. Midangin a thluk leh a thu tlema a lam dik loh lai pawh a hrilh chat a ni.

“Sam ang then nite hi lo her chhuak leh si e,
Ami leng tawnah hian tuar dan hril thiam awm maw;
Duhlai leng zing zin tur hnahnem hling par an hlan,
Nghilh lohna ser ang cham thei tak maw.

Nghilh loh ngaihhrui thu di thlun nan lo par chhuak e
Inthen ni lo her chang lunglen dam ten thawi nan,
Vangkhaw sira sadai theu a pal karah,
Thliah lai nghakin a lo par pawl riai”

Rebecca Saimawii te khan “Samang inthen ni te zawng” tiin an sa thin a, a phuahtu erawh chuan “Inthen ni te hi” tiin a dah thu te pawh a sawi. Ka lawm e.

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 10:41am

“Vangkhaw sira se-dai theuva pal kara’n” tih laia “theuva” tih khi “theuna” tih tur a ni lo’ng maw le!!!??? se-dai theuna pal kara’n a nih ka ring zawk e a!

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 11:05am

A van lunglen thlak ve le!Tun hma lehkhathawn kan nghahhlelh thin zia te min ti hre chhuak thar leh a lawm! He hla hi kan lo buai pui ve thin khawp nia ,mahse a thu kan lo chik em em ngai law,SER tih lai vel hian in pumpek na a va han ti chiang em! A pangpar hi eng ang tak nge ni ang tih pawh kan suangtuah ve thin.Artistic concept hmang a ka lo ngaih tuah danin pal kar a thliah lai nghak parpawl ria chu

Tun hma sipai Lucknow a trainning an bial nu ten an thingphur han tlu palh turin “Aw ka rei Lucknow” an tih thla zen thin pawh ka ngaihtuah thleng nia!!

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 11:19am

@Zorunpuia – I thiannu LSI kha college kan kal ho, He hla ngei hi College Week Solo competition-ah a sa a, thiam ka va ti teh reng… pakhatna a nihpui ta nghe nghe-in ka hria. A phuahtu ngei bula zir a lo nih vang a nih chiah chu..

A hla-in a rilin a thuk a, a hlu hle bawkin ka hria.

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 11:39am

Kan hre dik teuh thiak thiak hle mai 😆 PS Chawngthu hlabu ami ngei ka scan anga ka han dah har lovang

Sam ang then ni te zawng,
Lo herchhuak leh thin e,
Ami leng tawnah hian
Tuar dan hril thiam awm maw?
Duhlai leng zing zin tur
Hnahnem hling par an hlan,
Nghilhloh nan ser ang cham thei tak maw?

Nghilhloh ngaihhrui thu di
Thlun nan lo par chhuak e
Inthen ni lo her chang lunglen damte’n thawi nan
Vangkhaw sira saw dai theuna pal karah
Thliahlai nghakin a lo par pawl riai.

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 12:18pm

@mzvision:A hlathu hnuhnung ber a i tarlan a tang hian a chiang ta kuar mai…Sedai/sadai theu va,theu na tih lam ni lovin Saw,daitheuna pal kar a saw tih ang a lo ni tih a chiang a, i taimak zarah kan fiah uar mai a lawm!!

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 3:53pm

“saw dai” tih nge “se-dai” tih.. hmanlaiah chuan khua hi an hung thrin a… chu chu se-dai an tia… chuan pakhat leh “pal karah” tinge “pal kara’n” tih??? ti tralh teh aangg

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 4:15pm

“Vangkhaw sira saw, dai theuna pal karah”
tih hian a awmzia a man theih deuh em?
Eg. Sawta saw, m_bawitlung a lo kal e.

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 4:24pm

I rawn sawi an khi chu anih ka ring vak lo.Mahse ka hre chiang vaklo.He hla hi a nalh a,lung a tileng a,rilru leh tihtak zeta ngaih thlak hian mi a hneh a.Thiamtaka sak ngaihthlak a chak awm khawp mai.

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 4:26pm

A hlathu solfa nen tlem PS Chawngthu thiziak nen ka nei tawh pdf/jpg in ka scan zawh-ah ka han dah ang.

Ka duh ber chu a thu in a ken han bawl phawn vel hi a ni e 😆

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 7:02pm

ka lawm e

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 9:06pm

Hla thu ril deuh hriatna em em chu inhnial lawihna tham a ni thin reng e, an tia lawm.. He hla hi a ril hle a ni ngei ang..:)

@riangtleii, LSi chu i thiannu ngei chu a ni ang. Keipawhin a zai hi ka remsak ve nasa thin khawp asin.. Nula zaidam, Pathian tihmi, nunchang mawi tak a ni a. A Zonu hle bawkin ka hria. Lengzem a sak pawh ka hre ngai der lo kei chuan..

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 10:09pm

Heile hla thu (phek 1)

leh phuah chhan tlem (phek 2)1/2

(phek 2) 2/2

leh PS Chawngthu chanchin

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 10:11pm

@zorunpui Lsi hi sikulkawn bula phei keuh kha mi, zaithiam asin, mahse missionary in kal daih lo maw ❓ hei hla thu chu a bu ami ngei ka han dah e. hlut ber zing ami tur ah ka ngai che

Submitted on 2009/06/16 at 11:17pm

Ka lawm hle mai. Aw Lsi chu i sawi ngei hi a ni e. Nia, a zo va, Samo lamah missionary in a thawk ta daih mai.. a nunchang kha a missionary bawk em a ni.. Nula ngaihsan awm tak a ni e.. I thil min hlui chu ka lawm hle mai, ka lo save keuh ang e..:)

Submitted on 2009/06/17 at 1:06am

Vangkhaw sira saw dai theuna pal karah a lo par pawl riai…han tih hnap mai hi a mawi chungchuang ngawt mai..thliah a chakawm hliah hliah mai ,a milem lang hauh si lovin rilru a kaihruai vawng vawng thei nia..mizo hla zingah chuan belhchet dawl leh thluk lairil fan ngaih ka tihte zinga mi a ni..good post.

Submitted on 2009/06/17 at 3:58am

PS Chawngthu hi lam waltz etc poh a thiam khop mai an ti. chawnghilh hi zanin chu a va reh ve kan miril hi a reh tlats

Submitted on 2009/06/18 at 1:35am

ka beisei angin he hla hi misual ho hian an bawlphuan trha duh lo riau. PS Chawngthu an a phuah dan a sawi atrang hian novel pakhat tun emaw phuah sela. Hei ka scan kha text-a chantir kan zira, i lo roh takin hei aw ➡

Nghilh lohna par

Sapho hian an ngaihzawng, an thiantha te, an chhungkua te, hmundanga kal sawn emaw, zinbo tur pem tur emaw te reng reng hi an thlah dawn hian pangpar chi khat bawr ve deuh reuh, pawl deuh riai hi awm-ah an inthiahsak thin a; chu chu englai pawha intheihnghilh loh nana inhrilhnaah an hmang thin a. Chuvangin, chu pangpar pawh chu a hmingah Forget- me-not an ti nghe nghe a. Chutiang deuh chuan kum 1940 bawr vel leh a aia hma hret-ahte khan Mizoram-ah pawh mi thenkhat chuan inthlah nan pangpar kawr inthiahsak an ching ve thin a. Amaherawhchu, forget me not pangpar tak erawh chu Mizoramah a awm loh avangin amah ang deuh maia bawr deuh, a par pawl ve chu an hmang thin a. Chutiang par chu chunglai chuan hmuh tur a tam em em a, mitin mai hian huan hung nan an hmang a. A thente chuan rualmam tha takte pawhin an chep thin a. He hnim hi hling tur tha tak nei a ni nghe nghe a. Chei loha thlahthlam anih chuan lian tak tak leh sang fe pawhin a to thei a ni. Chei that anih chuan a par duh meuh lo, chei loha to anih chuan bawr tak takin a par chuai thin a, chumi pangpar chu ‘Kawl dai hling’ tiin an vuah a. Kawl dai pangngai anga hnah lian a ni ve lo.

He pangpar hian, hling a neih avangin bawng ilo te pawhin an tawn ngam lo. Thil pung duh tak, a englai kuang pawh phun ila nung zel thei chi a ni. Foreign atanga ka lo hawng, kum 11 lai Mission veng, Aizawl ka chhuahsan hnu-ah kan rawlthar chhuah vela kan chul hluite kan naupan laia thangthlêng leh sahdal kam thinna hmunte, sava vehna hmunte chu fan tumin tlai khat chu ka chhuak a. Chu’ng ka han sawi hmunte chu in leh huan-in a lo khat vek tawh a. Ram palai leng mai thinte kawng leh lamlianin a thlur sung tawh a. Ramhnuai anih laia ka by heart that tehlul nen in leh huan leh kawng alo awm chinah chuan ka leh bo daih mai!. Chutia ka vah vel naah chuan hmana lo a nih laia bawng leh kel luh theih loh nana sedai an theuna hlui karah chuan Kawldai hling sang taka to, tang sei pui pui nei hi ka hmu a, a tang sei pui hmawr ah chuan par bawr tha fahran mai hi a uai zawng hian a lo par a. Hmanlaia kan chin anga inthlahna leh intheihnghilh loh nan tia kawldaihling-par pawl kan thliaka kawr awma kan inthiahsak lai ang kha chu ni se tuemaw chuan an thliak ngei in a rinawm; mahse tunlaiah an ching ta lova. Chuvangin, chutianga thliak tur chu nghak niawm takin pawl riai-in a par a nih hi, tiin hla ka phuah chhan ta a ni.

Submitted on 2009/06/18 at 2:04am

Ekhai, a ngaihnawm hle mai. Ka lo save hmak hlawm e.. i zarah ka hla duh tak mai chanchin leh kalhmang ka lo hre thei a. Thiannu LSi pawhin mi rawn mail a, a hlabu a mi ngei ka copy chuan ka inhria a, ka record ah ka sa sual pawh a ni mai thei a, Tin Pu PS-a pawh a la dam lai kha a nia, a ngaithla ve tho a, engmah a sawisel thu ka hre lem si lo va.. ka sa sual ang a, a sawisel duh lo pawh a ni mai thei bawk e.. a rawn ti hial..

Submitted on 2009/06/18 at 2:11am

Lsi chu facebook atrangin ka zu hrilh a lom le. Concert for Gujarat ah khan ka fapa te nen an zai hova, a zaithiam sia a nungchang a mawi bawk si, lehkha lamah duai bawk silo … hei chuh ka tih lain missionary lamah a kal ta daih a.

A U hi DU a a kal laiin, kan farnu te nen hostel khatah an awm trhin, min bazar pui zak zak trhin mawle. Ka hriat mi tak chhung an nia, khawthlang kawrte lam chhuak te poh an ni deuh asin 😀

Thuziak hi thiam ila chu he hla hmang hian love story novel a siam theihin ka hria 😆 Aizawl i lo chuan chhuah chuan he hla hi MI kan nei anga kan sa ho dawn nia

Submitted on 2009/06/18 at 2:25am

Tehreng e.. Keipawh thuziak thiam tak chu ni ila, eng emaw zawng taka han kawih her a love story tha tak chhuak thei ngei tur chu niin ka hri. Mahse kan thiamna hian a tlin si lo..

Lsi sawi takah chuan kum 1999 vel khan a zai ka rem sak ve zauh zauh thin a, Biak In leh hmun dangah te pawh, hla zir hmaa tawngtaina nena inhla thlap thlap zel mi a ni a, nula nungchang mawi tak chu a ni..

I fapa chu a la tlangval ngei awm si a, a va sawirem mai chi awm ve.. puar-ak lam chan chu ka huphurh miah lo a nia..:)

Submitted on 2009/06/18 at 2:25am

Novel chu siam dawn ila chapter hrang hrang turte-
1) Thulairil thawi zeuhna
2) Hmanlai zokhaw chanchin
3) Lal hunlai
4) A changtute naupan lai
5) In ngaizawng tran chho
6) Sipai a intlar
7) Sipai kaltur inthlah
8 )Shillong rawngrut lai
9) Shillong lama hmelthra hmu
10) Indopui lai
11) Rualawh vangin lehkha zir trha leh
12) An khua ah a hawng
13) A bialnu nau a lo pawm
14) A thil hawn puarak a pek tir
15) Thihrui a dawng BA a passed thu
16) Zirna sang bei zel turin khawhar takin an khua a chhuah san
17) A tawp ta 💡

Submitted on 2009/06/18 at 2:38am

Heng thawnthu ka mithla hian Ngopa lam ram vel zuk lang daih mai a. Lalzidinga chanchin te kha han lang nawk nawk mai sela. A changtupa kha Ngopa middle sikul zirtirtu atan te, a BA exam zo han hawng kha han sawm vel sela.Nang hma han la teh 💡

kan fate hi zawnpui an ngai lo hle zel mai ❗ mahse nizan ka damsam lo min han kan tu Dr fiamthu chu (nula rim tam chuan mi nu leh pa te psycho chu i man ngei anga NOI) –

Kan fanu te hi an nausen lai chuan bawlhlhawh a luh hlau reng reng in kan venga. An lo leikang an tleirawl chho lah chu mipa thil a hun lovah a lut ang tih hlau reng rengin kan veng leh a. Hei an han nula senior chhova mipa thil luhna tur an hmu zo lovang tih hlau reng rengin kan buai leh zawng anih hi” a tia kan nui tlorh tlorh mai mawle 😆

Submitted on 2009/06/18 at 3:06am

Makurin (Rebecca Saimawii) a sak atang khan he hla hi kalo beng-hriat ve tan a.Hmmm, tun ah hetiang hian a thu meuh in lo pho chhuak leh ta… vawi 7 tak meuh a thluk dan dikin, kan chhiar chhuah nawn awn awn chu le.

Hla thu ngei maia lunglen thu, di ngaih hla hranghlui ten an han chham leh phuahchhuah te hi zawng a lo rilin, a mi fan a fiak ril raih mai le.

Khawtlang lunglen leh Di ngaih Lunglen hi engemaw zawng tak chuan anuam hi ka ti thin…ngaihtuah hi a kal thui a, suangtuahna in kan khatliam bawk si nen…

“Se-dai theuna pal” eng anih tih hrelo emaw, la hmulo emaw pawh hi kan tam tawh awm kher mai…

Submitted on 2009/06/18 at 10:53am

He hla hi Mizo hla ah chuan nalh ka tih ber leh tha ka tih ber ani a, chuvang chuan zaithei nazawng sak atan chuan ka phal lo. Rebecca Saimawii khan a sa thiam ber a, record that leh a tum tlat in ka hria.

State of Mizoram Legislative Assembly Unanimously passed resolution to move Govt of India for early implementation of UNDRIP 2007.

The Mizoram Legislative Assembly on 15th March 2019 unanimously adopted a private member resolution seeking implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) by the Union Govt.

Vanlalhlana, Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM), an opposition Legislator, moved the resolution and said the UNDRIP 2007 was voted by 144 countries, including India at the UN General Assembly on 13 September, 2007.

Vanlalhlana said that there has been no effort to implement the Declaration even after 12 years by Govt of India. He said that though the UN did not clearly define the indigenous people, according to common knowledge, the indigenous peoples are original inhabitants of a particular land, who follow unique traditions, culture and religion even after colonization.

Vanlalhlana said that the Mizos are included in the UN indigenous people list due to efforts taken by late R. Thangmawia, president of Zo-Reunification Organisation (ZoRO), the Chin-Kuki- Mizo-Zomi group organization which seeks re-unification of all Zo people and bringing them under one administrative unit.

Though the declaration has no legal sanction, but the UN expects the member countries to implement the UNDRIP 2007 in their respective countries, he said.

Citing about the need for full implementation of the UN declaration, Vanlalhlana said the rights of the indigenous people in a remote state like Mizoram have been often ignored as the Indian Government did not implement the declaration implying that all the Indian citizens are indigenous people.

According to article 3 of the UN declaration, Vanlalhlana said, “The Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.” He said that the union government should implement the declaration to enable the indigenous Mizos enjoy their rights.

After prolonged discussion, the state legislature unanimously adopted resolution stating “cutting across party lines, legislators from both the ruling MNF and the opposition resolved to take measure to ensure that the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, 2007 is implemented by the government of India.”

In October, 2015 the state assembly had also adopted such resolution on UNDRIP.

Meanwhile, ZORO expressed happiness over the adoption of resolution on the UNDRIP and thanked the members especially Vanlalhlana, who moved the resolution.

Refer UN link

Lal Ka Thlang

LAL KA THLANG ( Lyrics Upa Lalthankima Tune Upa V.Thangzama )
Kraun hlu ber chu ka ta nise,

Ka Isua ka khumtir ang,

Nunna lal ah ka thlang ta e,

Laldang rawng ka bawl lo ang.
 Mahse Isu riangvai ka ni,

 Kraun leh ram ka nei love,

 *Thinlung erawh I tan ka ti* ,

 Hetah hian lo Lal ta che.
Ram zawng zawng hi ka ram nise,

Isua Lal nan ka pe ang,

Chhak,Thlang,Chhim,Hmar tlang leh phai te,

Ama tan ka pe vek ang.
Lal thutphah zawng ka thu nise,

Ka Lal hliamhnu A thu ang,

Hringfa chitin hnam tinreng te,

Ro zawng zawng A rel vek ang.
Tunah ramtin la thim zawng zawng,

Van Gosen ah lo chang se,

Sual hreng thir kawl la bun te zawng,

Ka Lal engah leng rawh se.
Rebecca Saimawii ‘n mawi taka a sak hi tawngtaina nen mahni lal-a insiam lovin, Isua Lalna ram din zel turin i lo ngaithla ang u hmiang.  

Tunge Lal atan i thlan ang? I nun zawng zawng hruaitu atan. Kei leh ka chhungte hi chuan Isua hi kan Lalpa leh Chhandamtu atan kan thlang. Kan nun kawng tintengah Lal ber rawh se. 



“Tho la ding ta che, i hliam a dam e”  tih hla hi Pu Thangzama phuah leh thluk siam a ni. Patriotic Song a nihna let a hula-thu ken te hi kan phawrh teh ang.

Aw ka pianna leh ka seilenna ram,
Engvang nge i lo rum le?
Duhthuleng i sam sual vang em lo ni?
Heti kauva i nat le.


He hla hian Zofate ram leh hnam chungchangah duh kan thlang sual em tih min zawt a. Chu duhthlanna chu khawi atrangin nge kan chhiar tan ang ?

  • Thlang tlak kha duhthlang sual kan ti em ?
  • British ho in min chhuahsan dawnin duhthlan tur hrang hrang kan nei, mahni ro inrel te, Burma a beh te leh India a beh te. India ah kan bet ta a kan thlang sual em ?
  • Nge, Mizo Union lo din chhan Burma, india leh East Pakistan rama Zofate rorelna pakhat hnuaia awm tura hmalakna kal mek laia District Council India huam chhung ami, chu poh British hovin Lushai Hills an tih chhung chauh a local politics kan luhchilh ta zok kha thlang sual kan inti ?
  • Nge MNF ten Independent puanga Zofa la-nu-val rual te hmalakna kha thlangsual kan inti ?
  • State kan dil a UT pek kan nih kha Mizoram bikah thlangsual kan inti em? CNF/CNA ten Burma laka inlak hran an sual kha thlangsual kan inti em? Manipur Tripura leh Assam state chhunga kan unaute helna hi thlangsual kan ti em?

“Duhthuleng I sam sual vang em ni le?” Pu V Thangzaman hetia a lo phuah hi kei chuan, ZORO rilru takin Independent country ni reng, kan duhvang nilo a divide and rule policy hmanga British ten Zofate ram pathumah min han then darh a, duhthlang theilo anga in ngaia kan pawm ta mai khan ngawng tamtak a nei chho a, helai hun ngei hi duh kan thlan sual intanna, he hla in a ken niah ka ngai.

Tho la ding ta che, i hliam a dam e,
I tha thum te a kiang e;
Hnutiang hawi lovin ram kal siam ta che,
Khuavel i la chhing ngei ang.


Zofate zinkawngah hian thendarh kan nih avangin, kan awmna sawrkarin min enkawl dan leh harsatna kan paltlang a inanglo hlawm hle.

  • Burma ah chuan Kawl tawng hmanga min chimral tumin kan Hnam nihna bo thak pawiti lovin, khawvel hmasawnna pe eih lovin min enkawl. Mahse Missionary te zarah Kristian kan nih avang leh kan Thu leh Hlate avangin kan him hlauh.
  • India sawrkar chu India ram democracy mumal avangin Burma ang em chuan rahbeh leh nekchep kan ni lo deuh.
  • East Pakistan tuna Bangladesh nita pawh hi ram rorelna mumal loh avangin Burma ang deuh bawkin harsatna an paltlang, Kristianna bawkin a chhan him.

Heng kan hliam tawh hrang hrang te hi rapthlak leh hrehawm tak tak vek mahnise, kan hliam pawh a dam chho ve zela, Zofaten hnunglam thlir kir lova, tun leh nakin hun atana inpuahchaha kan ram leh hnam damna atana hmala turin min fuih a ni.

Siar leng mah khian lamtluang an chhui a,
Si zangkhua a bungbu e;
Kan tan khua a var khawfing lo chat e,                                                                                                              
Tho ru le i kal ang u.


Kan ram leh hnam damna atan khawvel a inhawng e, tun hi hmalak hun inhre chhuak chu a ni e, chet vat a hun e tiin min fuih leh a ni.

Hmanah khan in maw thinlai a zing riai e,
Min chimtu chu darfeng rual;
Chengrang rawl a au kan muanpui silo,
Zan mu chhin a har ngei e.


Helaia HMANAH a tih lai hi a hun vuah dan a inang lo thei hle ang. Historian te sawi dan pawh a dang thei viau ang. Engpawh nise –

  • Burma-ah chuan Democracy movement avang a buaina rapthlak tak mai lo chhuak te leh Kawl hovin tlangmin te chimral a tumna kawng hrang hrang avanga helna lo chhuak avanga Burma Saipai ten rawng taka Tlangmi ho a dona kawnga Zofate pawh Sipai tha chakna hmanga tawrhna rapthlak tak thleng, induna silai ri ten Zofate tana thlamuan thlak anih loh zia thu he hla-in a sawi hi Non-Violence lam awnna te he hla thu phenah hian a awmin ka hria.
  • India-ah thung chuan Mizoram Assam Manipur leh Tripura ah Zofate’n Helna chhan hrang hrang avangin, kan ram leh hnam dinchhuah nan, India sawrkar silai kengin kan do hlawma. A hun inang veklo mahsela, Indona sila ri hian mipuite min thlamuan zolo vet ho tih tho tarlangin chumi phena Non-Violence zawka beih rawtna keng telin ka hria.
  • Bangladesh lamah thung chuan India leh APkistan Indo-naah khan silai ri rapthlak zia leh remna hlut zia a tarlang thung.

Hnutiang hawilovin nghilh zai rel ila,
Kan hliam hlui te dam rawh se;
Khua a sang ta hle, khua kan tlai ang e,
Tunah hian i kal ang u.

Comment: Tirhkoh Paula iangin Zofate hunk al tawh thlirkir vak hian hnemhnanna a neilo. Kan hliam (keimahni vang emaw, min awptute min hliamna emaw) te a lo dam ta a – kan tun hun leh nakin hun a kan chan tur thleng phak loh hlau takin, vuaicha lovin, kan ram leh hnam tan I bei ang u tiin min fuih a ni.



                                                                     Rev Lalrinmawia, Mizoram Synod Moderator

Thuhma: Synod dinhmun tlem tarlang ila. Thilpek rawngbawlna Sawm a Pakhat leh Kohhrana lakhawm dang zz nen Synod ah chhun khawm a ni thin a. Chunga  kan thawh zz Rs 152.34Cr a lo ni a, chu chu Kohhram member mi 5,96,000 te thawh ani. Tam avang hian sum pawh a lut hnem a ni. Kan thawhlawm hi Kohhran pawn lamah thawh ila hna nasa takin a thawk kher lovang chuvangin tanhona hi a pawimawh hle mai. Heng thilpek petu te zz hnenah Mizoram Synod aiawhin lawmthu ka sawi a ni.

Mizoram Synod hmalakna langsar zual te han sawi ta ila:

  1. Meitei Field chu Synod anni ta
  2. Karbi Field pawh Synod anni.
  3. Tripura lam pawh Synoda hlankai tum mek anni.
  4. Vaiphei unaute pawh Dynoda hlankai tum mek ani.

Thilpek kan pek te hian Synod pali a hring dawn mek a ni. Hemi bakah hian  Mizoram Synod hian Myanmar lamah kan Presbyterian unaute khaichhuah dan dapin hmalaki tum mek a ni. Myanmar-ah hian Synod 10 lai an awm ve a, a te ber chuan member 400 chauh an nei ani. Hengte nena thawhho nan Partnership neia hmalak tum mek a ni. Chuvang chuan Zokhawtharah Transit Office hawn tum ani.

Mizoramah Harhna a thleng meka Kohhran a nung hle vek mai. Kan kalna tawh zz ah Pastor leh Upa kan nei tha hle mai hi lawmawm ka ti. Pastor leh Upa te’n Harhna changte chawm puitlin an tum vek mai. Ze mak tak tak a piang hnem hle chungin kan Kohhran ten “Harhna kan dila kan duh ang chu kan dawnglo mahse Pastor leh Upa te’n kan buaipui a ngai ani” an ti thei zel mai. Heng bakah hian Harhna chang ten an duhtawk mai lova Tawngtai lenkhawm te neiin nasa takin an tawngtai a, mi inpe, Lal Isua a lo ropui zel nan, Thalai ten ni sarih chhung tlaivara chawngheia tawngtaia dil te pawh an awm hi ava lawmawm em. Biak In a tawngtaina February 2015 tanga chawl lova hmanna te pawh a awm zel mai.

Kan ram hi a dam ngei dawn ani tih hi ka ngaihtuah a. Kan ram hi a ngaihtuahawm lovin ka hria. Harhna avanga zirtirna diklo avanga harsatna awm thei awma sawi hi a thlen ka ringlo. Kan Pathian hian kan tana tha turin kan dilna hi min chhang ngei ang tih hi ka tilru ah a awm tlat a ni.

Sande Skul-ah Thurin kan han zir te leh nakumah Thlarau Thianghlim kan han zir turte hi Pathian remruatna ropui tak a ni.


Bible: Mathaia 16:16-18  2Timothea 2:19
Lal Isuan Pathian Ram a rawn thlen tir thu a sawi, a thleng ngei mahse kan hmu thei silo. Chu Pathian Ram lo thleng tichiang chu Kohhran lo ding ta kha ani. Lal Isua vanah a lawna Thlarau Thianghlim a lo chhuka Kohhran a lo ding nawlh mai ani. Kohhran hi Thlarau lam thil ani a TISA lam thil thun telna chi ani lo. Lal Isuan Petera hnenah “Kapa in a hriattir che chungah hian Kohhran ka din dawn ani” a ti. Thihna leh tamna in a hneh tawh loh te chu Lal Isua hriatna dika dingte hi an ni. Thlarauin a hriattir tak te hi chu sualin a hneh ngai tawh lo. Petera hian a mitin Lal Isua Lalzara a kaitho te, mitdel a tivar te, hmeldanglamna tlanga Isua hmel eng te kha a hmuchiang hle mai. Van atangin aw in “Heihi ka fapa ani” tihte an hriat khan Petera chuan Isua kha ROPUI a ti mahse a phatsan loh phah chuanglo.”He mi hi ka hrelo” a ti engvang nge? Lal Isua a hriatna thuk tak kha Tisa mita a hmuh vang ani. Kan ramah hian Lal Isua kan va hre tak em. Zirtirte pawh khan a tholeh tih an hria an mitin an hmu ngei an bengin an hria MAHSE an huaisen phah miahlo.
Zaninah hian kan ngaihtuah chian tur awmin ka hre thin. Kan Pastor hian a bial intinah kalin “Isua hi a tho leh lo” ti sela hnialtu a ngah ngawt ang. Chu chuan an nun erawh a khawih chuanglo ang. Harhna kan chen nasa kan hlim mahse a tawk lo. Harhna a thlen mek lai hian INNGHAHNA TUR DIK pek a ngai a ni. An hlim leh lam chhan pawh hre lovin an zuang tawr tawr mai. Peteran Isua ropui a ti mahse a phatloh phah silo.
Tichuan Pentikos ni ah Thlarau Thianghlim a lo thlenga – Thlaraua hriatna in, Lal Isua hriatna dika hriain, an han awm ta. Hmelma elrelna itsikna awm tawh lo. Tunge ropui ber ang tia inzawt thin kha an inzawt tawh lo. Ropui duh thin mihring kha chinralin a awma midang tana inpe nun a lo chhuak ani. Chu chuan Kohhran a lo din ta – TISA HRIN AVA NILO CHIANG EM. Nitin rilru hmunkhatin Pathian Biak In ah chuan an eiho thin. Chubakah Pathian an fak ho a hlim takin an awm ta. A chhandam mekte hnenah chuan Lal Isua nun tawmna nun, hmangaihna neiin  intih thlarau bikna a awm tawh lo.
Nunna zz bulpui Isua khan, mahni thihna turin Kalvari a pan ani. Chumi hriatchiannaah chuan mahni in hmangaihna kha a bo ta, hrehawm an pawisa tawh lo. Kan chungah miten ro min relsak ngaitheilo kan ni. Puhna tinrenga an puhna kha a chhang lo. Lei leh Vana roreltu kha rorel sak ani – keini hian miten kan chungah engpawh rel se kan ngawi ve zel dawn em. “Keimahni” a awm theih tawh loh” tiin Petera chuan a letlinga khenbeh a hlau tawhlo. Paula chuan Lalpa tana ka chaklohna chauh lo chu chhuan tur ka neilo a tite hi ava sangin ava ropui em. Paula, Thlarau lam experience nei nasa tak  hi ava ropui em. “Hlawkna awmlo tur chu ka chhuang dawnlo” a ti mai. Keini erawh chuan Thlarau thilpek kan dawn te hi kan chhuang ta mai si. Van ropuina kalsana amite tana inpekna Paula ten an hmuhchian em avangin an inpek vena kha an sit lo theilo ani.
Kohhran leh Ringtute hi lei lam kutchhuak kan nilo Thlarau lam thil a ni. Zaninah hian Kohhranah Tisaa i lo telve anih chuan Petera angin i mualpho ve ang. Chu lungpuia innghat chu tuman an tichhe lovang. Lalpa hian Ama tate chu a hrechiang – thihna hneha a tlante kan ni. Retheihna hnuaiah emaw lungngaihna ruamah emaw Lalpa’n min hria. Isua hnenah hlauh tur a awmlo Van tuiin min chawm dawn a ni. Lal Isua mi hriatte hi thil zz min pe dawnlo ang em ni? Kan Thlarau chan hian Lal Isua min hriatchian tir rawh se. Lalpan Ama tate chu a hria.
Sual kalsanlo te tan Kohhranah hmun a awmlo. Lal Isua hmuchiangtu Thlarauin-a hriattir te chuan khawvel thil te hi an lawmna ani tawhlo, Van lam thil hi an lawmna ani tawh zawka, chu chu an nun chawmtu ani. Sual sim lo tan Kohhranah hmun a awmlo. Kohhranho innghahna diktak chu Thlarauin a hriattirte hi ani. Mahni hrehawm pawisa leh midang hmusitna awm ve tawhlo. Van nen nun a inzawm tlat tawh. Kohhran hi Van lam hrin ani. Pathian mite chu Kohhran mite hi kan ni. Pathianin malsawm rawh se.


Kan lawm a che Thlarau Thianghlim,
Kan thlahlel che aw, kan duhber che;
Lung hmunkhat a a mite hruaitu chuan,
Kan ram dung leh vang fang zel ang che.

Fak zel che ka nuam aw, Lalpa duhtak,
Harhna ropui min pek vangin;
Kan ram sual mei ang kangfai zel la,
Kan lawm e, kan chawimawi che Thlarau Thianghlim.

Amah beisei a pantute chu,
A ngaidam zela a chenpui zel;
Keipawh ka sualna nen ka pan a,
Aw, i sual ngaihdam a ni min ti.

Thil kan hmuh leh kan hriatte hi,
Sawi lovin kan awm thei lo a ni;
Ka Lalpa chawimawia i awm chuan,
Chu chu ka tan chuan a tawk reng si.

Thiam loh chan reng ka hlau tawh lo,
Ka thiamchanna chu Krista a ni;
Leiah vanram nun chu tem lawkin,
Lal buhzem ringin ka nung tawh si.

Phuahtu: Lalnunpuia Hrahsel

Satu: Ruth CVL Muanpuii, Zoremi Ralte  & RC Lalruatdika (Tetea)

Canaan in Myanmar Flooded

Land of Canaan not Israel (Kanan as known by locals) but in Myanmar Flooded. Recue efforts from neighbouring states of Manipur and Mizoram yet to take off. 

Map of Myanmar

A small Township called “Kanan” about 1300 houses have been severely affected by the recent flood in Kabaw Valley. Due to heavy down pour and poor drainage system the current flood have dislocated thousands stranded and are at risk of famine and outbreak of epidemic.

The Christian belt of Myanmar are fervently praying but still praising Holy Ghost.

Canaan of Myanmar Flooded

Unless air dropping of food and medicines are taken up immediately the consequence will set-beck the thriving Rice-bowl of Western Myanmar and will hinder growth severely.

The flood damamged thousands of houses Schools and Churches. Due to the poor infratructutres, the mojority Christian population of Chin state is at risk of famine. Most of the infrastructures were submerged under flood built by the locals in this backward belt of Myanmar. The rescue workers effort needs proffesional help and the recovery and reconstruction will take long way involving huge investment from International Funding Agencies.

The International Aid Agencies should focus now on immediate relief like air dropping of foodstuffs and temporary shelter for the flood displaced people.

save myanmar

There will not be harvesting from the paddy field, as the inundated floodwater will damage all the crops. Due to siltation of paddy field next year yield also will be minimised.

According to latest reoport there are more than thirty people died and the death toll is rising and more people are reported missing. Many other Townships are also facing either flood or major landslides cutting off land, river, and air transportation.

Canaan Area


Phuahtu: C.Lalzarmawia
Satu: Bethsy Lalrinsangi

1. I khawngaih Kraws kawng zawh in, I rawngbawl lamtluang ka chhui,
Kawng nuam leh hahdam changte pawh awm thin;
Kawng hahthlak leh ralti a min hruai ni pawh hian in,
I rinawm zia min hmuh tir leh thin.

Chorus: Ka tan i rinawmna, aw! a ropui e,
Eng dang reng hi, aw! ka sawi thei lo;
I khawngaih lainatna, ka dawn hi a ropui e,
Ka hmangaih che min hmangaih si a (2).

2. I khawngaih leh malsawmna lei rohlu ka chan zawng te,
Ka chhiar seng love, aw! a ropui e;
I thatna ka tan lawmna, I khawngaih ka tan chawlhna,
Tu nen nge ka teh dawn che Lalpa?

3. Hei hi hlan nawn ka duh thin ka nun leh theihna te hi,
I tan rimtui-ah lo chang fo rawh se;
Hmangaih che ka thiam ne’maw, I duhzawng tih mai loh chu,
Ka hmangaih che min hmangaih si a.

Comment: Upa C. Lalzarmawia hla te hian min dek nasa hle mai. Ka nunah Thutak a sawi nasa hle.

YouTube Link  A hla thu video a dah hi diklo mahse a recording YouTube-a lo ri hi tha ka tih ber vangin kan dah a ni. Lyrics dik chu ka tarlan khi a nih hmel zawk.

Gay Marriage leh Billy Graham

Billy Graham a thusawi WhatsApp a thehdarh mek lo irhchhuah dan tarlan kan tum ang e. Thu thehdarh mek chu –

“If God does not punish America for this gay legalisation, then he owes Sodom and Gomorra an apology” – Billy Graham tih a ni.He thu hi Billy Grahama nupuiin “My Heart Aches for America” tih bu a nupui Ruth Grahami ziaka a lak anih hmel. He thu hi July ni 19 2012 lama ziaka chhuah tawh a ni. A chhan nih hmel deuh ber chu Nau tihtlak nasat lutuk vang a nih hmel. Billy Grahama article hetah hian chhiar la a fiah deuh ang.

A hnuaiah hian Copy Paste leh link dah a ni.

Tunhnaia a lo in vawrh lar leh nachhan chu Gay Marriage an legalize vang anih chiah hmel loh, mahse he article ziaktu Patrick Craine-a hian he article-ah hian quote-na atanga hmehbel a nih hmel e, 27/6/2015 a LifeStyle News a chhuakah hian – LIFESTYLE LINK

Copy Paste Link

    Some years ago, my wife, Ruth, was reading the draft of a book I was writing. When she finished a section describing the terrible downward spiral of our nation’s moral standards and the idolatry of worshiping false gods such as technology and sex, she startled me by exclaiming, “If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

    She was probably thinking of a passage in Ezekiel where God tells why He brought those cities to ruin. “Now this was the sin of … Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me. Therefore I did away with them as you have seen” (Ezekiel 16:49–50, NIV).

    I wonder what Ruth would think of America if she were alive today. In the years since she made that remark, millions of babies have been aborted and our nation seems largely unconcerned. Self-centered indulgence, pride, and a lack of shame over sin are now emblems of the American lifestyle.

    Just a few weeks ago in a prominent city in the South, Christian chaplains who serve the police department were ordered to no longer mention the Name of Jesus in prayer. It was reported that during a recent police-sponsored event, the only person allowed to pray was someone who addressed “the being in the room.” Similar scenarios are now commonplace in towns across America. Our society strives to avoid any possibility of offending anyone—except God.

    Yet the farther we get from God, the more the world spirals out of control.

    My heart aches for America and its deceived people. The wonderful news is that our Lord is a God of mercy, and He responds to repentance. In Jonah’s day, Nineveh was the lone world superpower—wealthy, unconcerned, and self-centered. When the Prophet Jonah finally traveled to Nineveh and proclaimed God’s warning, people heard and repented.

    I believe the same thing can happen once again, this time in our nation. It’s something I long for, and my son Franklin recently shared a vision for perhaps the greatest challenge in the history of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association—to launch an outreach called My Hope with Billy Graham that would bring the Gospel into neighborhoods and homes in every corner of America next year.

    BGEA has already taken My Hope to more than 50 nations. We’ve worked in close partnership with local churches across each country, and those churches have reported millions of life-changing decisions for Christ. Carrying out a nationwide American version of this evangelistic outreach will be an enormous undertaking, but in my spirit I know God has called us to do this, and I pray He will stir your heart to join us in prayer and support.

    Franklin will share more about the project with you as the planning develops. In the meantime, all this year Franklin and his son Will are preaching “repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts 20:21, ESV) at Crusade events across North America—from Texas to Canada—and God has blessed the work. Already tens of thousands have heard the Gospel, and many have responded, especially young people.

    As I write, I am in the middle of a busy summer enjoying visits with many of my grandchildren and other family members, but also working hard on a new book that addresses some dangerous illusions about eternal salvation that are becoming increasingly accepted in many places. I want to point the world to what the Bible says.

    Although age and health restrict my mobility and my stamina, not to mention my eyesight and hearing, I am thankful for the days God has given me, and I am humbled by His continued hand of favor on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The Lord draws people to Himself daily through BGEA’s various evangelistic ministries, and I am so deeply grateful.

    May God bless you,

    Billy Graham

    Comment: Kan Pathian, hmangaihna a khat hian, a fapa Sual ata min chhandam nan a rawn tir, khawvel mi zawng zawng tan, USA mipui tan pawh. Billy grahama thusawi kum thum kal tawh ami leh tunlai Gay Marriage lar vanglaia intih lar tum hian Krista Kraws-a thihna “A kin ta” ti a Sual hnehna thawhlehna-in a rawn zui hi ti dal lul suh se. A hnuai ngaihdan pawh hi Krista kan aia a tawrha leh a tawrh chhan te hi lo ngaithla ve teh –

    “If God does not punish America for this gay legalisation, then he owes Sodom and Gomarra an apology” tih hi ngaihtuah chian chuan a diklo deuhlo mo.

    If God judges America, He will have to apologize to Jesus…tih zok tur a ang

    An sual chuan Lalpa’n a hrem ang tih te hi a dik emonle…Kan sual avangin Lal Isua kan tan a thi a, Pathianin Isua a hrem tawh a…Kan sual min hrem zel chuan Isua tawrhna khan awmzia a nei dawnlo tihna ami?

    “ani chu kan sualte thupha chawina a ni; keimahni sual chauh ni lovin, khawvêl zawng zawng sual thupha chawina pawh a ni.”
    1 Johana 2:2